Tarte Maracuja Oil

by - March 13, 2019

I've purchased 2 minis of this product before and loved it but i've never repurchased the full size simply because it's pricey and I found more affordable alternatives that served me just as well. I was randomly sent the full size and felt so lucky! I'm a skincare oil junkie, I love them all and like alternating them because they all feel a little different on skin. Lots of acne prone folks have raved about this oil through the years. That's why I bought it years ago - it was recommended on a popular acne website.

What makes this face oil good? Linoleic acid!  Linoleic acid is a good thing in facial oils, especially for oily-acne prone skin. It's said that very oily skin is deficient in linoleic acid so introducing it through an oil can be a good thing.

This oil is cold-pressed so has retained the good stuff - it's anti-oxidant compounds. Studies have found it increases collagen too. Tarte claims this oil is a source of vitamin C but there's no studies yet. The smell is slightly nutty and the liquid is clear.

I've never broken out from this oil and I do feel it makes my skin feel smoother and plumper. It's not too heavy for me, too dry or too light. It sits on my face but I also feel it sinks in a little. The only thing is, there are a lot of cheaper oils with similar oleic and linoleic percentages so if you're on a budget, i'd recommend you look into Evening Primrose, Grapeseed oil and Rosehip Seed Oil. They will probably all feel a little different for you. The packaging looks great but the dropper leaks oil the second you lift it out as the dropper if not scraped off on the sides (it's a wide opening). I've mastered this inconvenience by manually scraping the dropper as I pull it out and it no longer bothers me. The container is tinted so I give props to that. Overall, it's a great oil.

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