Physician's Formula Swatch & Review | 2019 Releases & Drugstore Tour

by - March 18, 2019

When I first got into makeup, Physicians Formula was my go-to. I re-purchased the same products over and over. After a few years I got bored and discovered products with trendier packaging and more shades so I forgot about them. In the last few years they've revamped their line-up and it's SO impressive. A lot of the shades that I were sent were formulated for skin that is darker than mine as well as deep skintones so I sort of lost enthusiasm as I couldn't wear them. That said, overall, i'm very impressed and found some unexpected favourites.


In 2019, the brand released the shade Beachy Peach and Copper Cabana as shown below. Beachy Peach is similar to Vintage Rouge but it's more of an orangey tone than pink. Copper Cabana looks like it would be great for deep skintones.

I was sent the shade Copper Cabana which was a bit of a bummer for me because out of everything, I was really hoping to discover a super pretty pink blush for pale skin. As you can see below they have a lot of those. The formula of this particular shade is as pigmented as an eyeshadow so even the lighest hand of this deep blush was way too much. I felt like I couldn't get a gauge on the formula or performance. It looked very muddy.

I think if this blush formula was in a wearable shade for me, it might have overridden my Tarte Blushes and became a new favourite. I would recommend them though. The old releases are apparently more sheer except for Vintage Rose. And everyone seems to love them.


I have the shade Pearl, a shade that I thought was white but it a frosty white-pink. This is the only shade out of their line that I could pull off as the rest would certainly be too orange or pink. There is one other light shades but it's blue. Pearl looks very shimmery in the pan but it actually on the natural side. Very pretty! It's a touch less light reflecting than Colourpop Flexitarian which makes it more liked for me. The formula is so interesting. It feels so smooth, almost like silicone or dimethicone. It's not like the Colourpop Supershock Highlighters though which feel cold, wet and squishy.


I have the shade Sunset Bronzer, a newer shade for deep skintones. It's very pigmented so if you're fair skinned, even a light hand could result in going really overboard. It does however blend like a dream but is still too dark for fair skin. The butter scent it really cool. I felt like I would have been in love with this bronzer if it was my shade. It's unusable shade for me though, made me look don't-leave-the-house muddy.


I am the shade LC1 in the Healthy Foundation line, the lightest foundation that comes in a cool undertone. I am a neutral undertone but this foundation matched better than LW2, LN3 and LN4 which were either too dark or too orange.

I was sent the shade LN4 which was very dark and orange on my NC15 skin. For reference my perfect foundation shade is Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Foundation in Fair 1. I tried this foundation only once because it was too dark so i'm not going to go too much into a review. I like the formula, it looks matte-natural and I really didn't notice anything bad about it the one time I wore it. It looked pretty good. It has a peppery, exotic spice smell which is off-putting at first but goes away. It oxidizes quite a bit from how it looks wet. The shade I have looks like an okay match in the bottle until is sets on my face.

Right is wet, left oxidized.


I really like this liquid lip. The formula feels moussey. It dries down to be a flat matte but surprisingly doesn't feel drying on my lips. It's tacky once dry and definitely feels like there's a mask on my lips but that's not untypical of a liquid lipstick. It has almost an egg-nog scent which I really like. Packaging is A++!

The shade All Natural-Nude is a mid-toned neutral with a pink-brown undertone.


This is a new HG product for me. It's like a high end, extremely pigmented lip mask but in drugstore packaging. It melts into an emollient feeling gloss/cream hybrid. If you have the driest lips every this is for because not only will it look better on your chapped lips than anything, it will also soften the dry skin like a lip mask. It has sun protection which I like for in the summer. Normally I never worry about my lips being in the sun, but I probably should be as the skin in thin there.

I have the shade Soaking Up The Sun which is one of the more sheer shades. It still gives me some coverage and pigmentation but not like the other shades. The rest of the shades are very pigmented. I don't wear reds or berries but I almost want to buy some in this formula because they're so glossy. Soaking Up The Sun is similar to Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect but more neutral. On it's own I would describe is a muted peachy-pink.


I find this formula to be very liquidy. The smallest touch will result in a black dot. I don't find it to be super waterproof but it does have some water-resistance abilities. I feel it sheers out/bleeds slightly on the very inner corner of my eye so just warning you if you have super watery eyes. Also, if I wear just this liner with no eyeshadow or blotting them before application, after and hour of wear it does transfer to my crease. I have very hooded eyes and they do get a little oily so this is not surprising. This is overall decent but if you have very hooded eyes, very oily eyes, very watery eyes or eyes with fine lines you may not be pleased with it's performance.

PS. This is the shade very black


This is a great setting powder for me! It's got some coverage which is a plus. I'm a big fan of the formula. It's talc free free. I like that's it's pressed because it limits the amount of product I breathe and it's less of a messy hassle to use. I have the shade LN3 which is a perfect match to my skin even thought the foundation shade LN1 matches me. I think the powder LN3 is a little lighter than the LN3 foundation. My swatch didn't show up on camera as it was so close to my skintone.


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