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by - August 10, 2018

All of these items are from the online drugstore, Farelyco.

The most exciting product I got was the eyelash trio that are made especially for my hooded eyes - FINALLY. This eyelash brand is distributed by Farleyco. They make some of the best affordable, natural lashes i've tried. I used these lashes in makeup school and they served me so well! They are made out of human hair and lashes probably over 10 uses. The hooded eyes version wears perfectly on my hooded eyes. The cut and length is just right to look natural and not too much on my eyes. These cost $13 CAD. You can see a pair of these lashes on my in this video (close up towards end of video)!

This multiple-use balm product smells heavenly! I use it as a lip balm. I like it because there's a lot of product in it - my lips are always chapped and need a generous coating. Purple tree is a British brand and uses simple ingredients in their lipbalms. This balm costs $7 CAD and I plan on purchasing it in the future.

This set from Ecotools does it's job perfectly. The mask brush really feels hygienic and provided the most accurate thin and even layer of a face mask. The sponges are meant for removing face masks and providing gentle exfoliation. This kit feels like the exact tools my skin therapist uses on me so it's nice that I can give myself a nice facial experience at home. The only negative thing I have to say (that we're all probably thinking) is that this kit is expensive given that the dollar store sells similar items. Still love using the kit and love other items from the brand. This kit costs $11 CAD.

For these masks, i've only had the chance to use two (I threw them out before this pictures, opps). I first used the Charcoal + Black Clay Peel mask and didn't like it. It's been a few weeks since I tried that one but I remember it being really chemical feeling and irritating to my skin. The most concentrated ingredients other than water was alcohol denat. There was also artificial fragrance. The Coconut Cream Hydrating Mask was way better but also left an intense cooling sensation instantly on my skin and smelt like sweet bathroom cleaner. I washed both I tried off immediately. These are $2 CAD so it's not the worst thing if you end up not liking them, but I wouldn't recommend them.

*pr samples

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