Wunder2 Prime & Behold Primer Review

June 18, 2018

2nd swatches are Wunder2

I'm sorry Wunder2, I never gave this product a good enough shot. I was not a fan of the subtle purple metallic finish it gave. As an eye primer, why would I want that purple hue? Well, I could still argue for that point, but I wasn't working with the product, I was working against it. It's made for loose pigments (particularly shimmery ones) and glitter. It's not something you apply all the way up to your brow bone really. If that's how you want to use it, you'll have to use a lot of base to cover it up. What you do is prime your eyes how you usually do (with your eyeshadow primer or concealer with your matte transition shadows). Then add this to your lid, lower lashline and inner corner. Don't fear the colour of it because it will be covered by your pigments and shadow if you're mindful. It's like glue in a way. This is amazing for loose shimmery pigments because it makes pigments more opaque and vibrant without mattifying it. It's far better than my usual eyeshadow primer or concealer. You can even apply this primer to your lips with a separate brush! It's lip safe. I still don't like that the base is a metallic purple but the performance is otherwise there!! Check out the comparative swatches! You can buy this product for $27 CAD and $22 USD on the Wunder2 website.
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*Pr sample

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