Sony MDR-1A Headphones Review

June 14, 2018

The Sony MDR-1A headphones are one of many headphones i've tried from mid end to dollarama. They're one of the best i've tried (and most appealing visually) so I thought i'd do a quick review.

I share these with my brother and we both agree, the sound is very good. He says it's ''nuanced and articulate'' and I say ''even and rounded''. Music sounds like you're not listening via headphones. Sony described this as true-to-life audio reproduction and I 100% agree. It does a nice job at muffling the speaking level voices of others in the same room as me. They're lightweight and extremely comfortable. The faux leather covered foam padding is very squishy and will cup around your ears without pushing them down. The squeeze is not very tight which I like. They're easy to take on and off. The headband is nice a squishy for the top of your head. Lastly, the aesthetic is pleasing. They don't look or feel cheap. The rotating headband is made of nice plastic that looks like metal.

I'd recommend these to the average sit at home music listener.

You can still find these headphones spread about online stores and some brick and mortar stores for around $300 USD.

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