Bellapierre Shimmer Powder Swatch & Review (Video)

June 13, 2018

I've been SO excited to try these loose shimmery pigments from Bellapierre! Although things in jars do annoy me, when it comes to performance of loose pigments, glitter and shimmers, I can absolutely deal. I'll be doing many more looks using these shadow, be sure to check back to my Instagram if you're interested in seeing more.

These eyeshadows are made in America using 100% mica. The ingredients are so simplified that they should be ideal for people who react to products easily. I've had absolutely no burning eyes. One full sized pot is $15 USD for 2.35g of product. You can also buy their Shimmer stacks which offer 9 pots with 1.75g of product for $90 USD. I noticed on Walmart Canada, a shimmer stack was available for $41 CAD. The width of the full sized container is about 1.4 inches.

The Swatches

The swatches were created using the Wunder2 Prime & Behold Primer; a product made for locking loose pigments and glitter into place. Because there are no binding ingredients in these powders, you will need to use a primer for maximum pigmentation. I'm not even gonna show them swatched on dry skin because they are not that pigmented. You need a base for the pigmentation.

Best Way To Use

Loose shadows are versatile in that you can not only use them as an eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner and lipgloss but you can also affect the finish depending on what base you layer them on or what you mix them with. For these loose powders, they are all affected differently. 

For maximum coverage and sparkle, use your finger to pat them on a pigment primer or good eyeshadow primer. The shade Sensation likes a glitter glue for maximum coverage.


This one works the most different than the shades I have. It's like a micro glitter. It's sheer in coverage unless it has a glitter glue to stick to, in which case you can build it up to like you see in my swatches. It works nicely when thinly layering over eyeshadow for some shimmery dimension. It does not work well applied wet with a brush as it will clump together in areas. This one is my favourite because it's just a wash of reflective shimmer without being micro plastic or looking like glitter.


This shade is a subdued metallic with a golden base. I can use it as a natural looking face highlighter on my NC 20 skin. This shade is very wearable.


This is a shimmery copper. It's easy to work with. Do you want a sheer look or an opaque foiled finish? It can do anything. Albiet, it won't look as shimmery in natural light as it does in direct light. This one is a winner too.


This shade looks lighter in the jar than how it will come off on a tacky base. It will deepen in colour to a vibrant orange. It's finish is a satin-metallic. 


What a pop of colour this one gives! This is a satin fuchsia or barbie pink. I choose this shade simply because it looked so impressive online. And it is.


This is a must have. This maroon is great for fall and winter looks. It's similar in finish to Celebration. Lots of shimmer and shine. There's a nice strong pigmentation to it.


Forest is a little different than how it looked online, but i'm still very happy with it. It's a satin olive green (same finish as Resonance). You definitely could have fun with this shade. The colour of this one really appeals to me.


This is a shimmery green. It's so beachy and tropical! It's got a nice level of reflection.

Ha Ha

This is a cerulean blue with a metallic finish. Same finish as Insist. Very nice, I really like it on my lid.

Starry Night

This is a deep navy blue with a shimmery or metallic finish. It's more on the muted side in colour. I feel like this one works best when patted on a tacky base. Wasn't crazy about it applied wet with setting spray - it was sheer. Maybe a decent mixing liquid would work better, I still need to get one.
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Which one is your favourite?

*pr samples*

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