What's In My Beauty Bag & Why

May 12, 2018

I'm a very low maintenance girl when it comes to daily makeup. Most of the time I will quickly do it and not touch it up at all through the day. But there are times where I want to look better than I do with my nearly bare face. And it's always a good idea to have a little makeup with you. So I bring this stuff with me. I have a small backpack because I like to travel light so I bring the bare minimum makeup products in travel size. Almost everything you see has a double use.

Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint and 24 Amazonian Clay Blush

The lip paint in Birthday Suit is the only lip product I bring because it will cover my chapped lips completely due to it's thicker mousse texture and strong pigmentation. It's comfortable to wear and long wearing. Slight cool tingle to it. It's a gorgeous nude colour that matches the blush. Yes, you can buy it in full size :)

Now for the blush (love it by the way!!), you should use a brush but you don't need to. You can use the part of your palm where your thumb connects to rub the product between both of them and pat it on your cheeks. This blush is the perfect natural colour and is not overly pigmentation, so easy to use.

Cover Fx Custom Enchacer Drops

I love this liquid highlighter. I use it as a face highlighter and eyeshadow. The fact that it's liquid and pigmented does not intimidate me for applying on the go, though i'm aware it's a little risky to open. I apply it with my fingers and palm. It's super intense. I've got more detailed reviews and comparisons of this product on my blog here.

* Tweezerman Hideaway Brow Brush

Mini tweezers with a brow brush case? Perfect! Tweezers are always a good idea to have around and these ones are the best. I use the brow brush on my brows and also to comb out mascara. This kit is $19 USD and $25 CAD.

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation

This sample was $2.99 USD. Totally worth buying because it turns out I don't like this foundation. The match is perfect and pigmentation amazing but it doesn't look good on my skin. It's great to bring along with me for spot concealing and re-covering my eye bags or red nose. Also, because it's a cream, it will never dry out or spill.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and * Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner

Both these products are two in one - for use on my brows and eye. Yes, I can get away with lightly using a black mascara and eyeliner on my brows! I usually use the black mascara on my brows if I got some foundation on them.

The main reason I bring these two products along specifically is because out of my black eyeliner and mascara collection, they are my least favourite. 

The Vapour liner is lighter in pigmentation and needs a hard hand to get it to show up. It's therefore easiest to use - I love the smudger it comes with too. But as for being creamy, pigmented and longwearing - it really lacks!!

The Tarte mascara is not good for me. It's smudgy and gives me raccoon eyes fast. I have no idea where I got this sample size from.
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*pr sample

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