Verb Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair (Or Light Hair)

May 05, 2018

Verb recently released a new aerosol dry shampoo in 2 tinted colours for light and dark hair. Their original powdered dry shampoo (see review) was generally a hit for most, but not the most suitable for brunettes imo. Their new dry shampoo contains tinted powder to make it a more suitable match for blondes and dark haired people so I had to test it for ya'll.

The first time I used it, a lot of brown powder showed up. Too much. I don't think I shook the can actually... The first time using (shown above) you can see I sprayed way too much pigment so it was hard to brush out and was noticeable to me that I had a powder in my hair. When I used it the next day, I shook the can a lot and the spray came out more of a liquid rather than a coloured powder. I found it way easier to work with and it looked way better!! 

Does it take away oil? Yes! As for the fragrance, it's subtle. I'm someone who hates fragranced haircare and will get a headache but this didn't bother me at all. The scent is way better than any other aerosol dry shampoo i've used; batiste for example smells dusty and horrible to me. I personally like powder dry shampoo because i've heard it's not the best to breathe butane but at the same time, application is easier and more even with this than a powder dry shampoo. I would still like to see a tinted powder dry shampoo for the brand. Overall, it works and I like it better than almost every other spray-able dry shampoo i've used. 

You can currently buy this dry shampoo on the Verb website for $16 USD.

*pr sample

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