Paula's Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil Review

May 08, 2018

What a pretty bottle... When I first used this product, I was in the dark about the ingredients. I thought it was a total oil. It's more of a micellar water-oil hybrid. So thinking I was using an oil only, I was baffled on why it smelled bad, like some sort of crude oil or chemical. It smells bad enough that I almost don't want to put it on my face. Is it the plastic packaging or the one of the other ingredients? 

As far as the performance, it's fine. I feel I need to use a lot of product to dissolve makeup on my whole face. It's not that emollient or easy to spread. It acts like a lightweight oil, so I have to use a stripping cleanser afterwards. It's a messy process. You might get the oil in your eyes which feels much worse than getting a micellar water in your eyes (which can easily be rinsed out). Not to mention the amount of people that say that this stings their eyes.

If you like oil cleansers/makeup removers, I would say save your money and use a straight oil. I always feel bad when companies send me makeup removers because I know they won't come close to my beloved Marcelle cleansing water. Sorry, Paula's Choice, love you but what on earth is with the smell of this stuff. Is it just me? Why is no one else talking about this?

*Pr sample.

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