Why I Love Epilating Over Waxing + Philips Epilator Review

April 13, 2018

I've been epilating for a year now and I don't plan on waxing again. I want to agree, waxing would probably be best for a brazilian but for hair removal on your legs, arms, armpits and so on can be done with an epilator. I've been using the Philips HP6420 Satinelle Epilator, a cruelty free device which has been serving me very well. You can only use it when it's plugged but is long. It's the first epilator i've every used and i'm basing my experience below off of it. It's $50 CAD and can be purchased with a 2 year warranty.

How Does An Epilator Work?

An epilator has a rotating piece that you hold flush to your skin. The rotating component has about 5 metal discs or ''tweezers'' that open and close as the device spins. It's all down to chance which hairs will catch in the discs as it's simultaneously closing and turning. As you drag an epilator across your skin it actually ''tweezes'' an amazing amount of hairs! Yes, it will miss some but you can actually hold it over the spot where some stray hairs were left and it will pull them out. 

How Much Hair Does It Remove?

Epilating will not remove 100% of your hairs as sometime it just can't grab a hold of hairs that are too flush against your skin. For myself, my device removes 80-90% of hairs, the majority of which are pulled by the root.

Does It Hurt More Than Waxing?

Everyone has a different opinion on this. I can handle epilating my thicker hair way more than waxing. Some people don't like the feeling of having a few hairs pulled out at a time. With waxing, you can't feel the hairs being pulled out individually, you just feel the intense pain of having your hairs pulled out at once (and wax being ripped off your skin). The pain of waxing for myself is way greater than epilating.  I have a very low pain tolerance for removing hair. I prefer the control of being epilate little areas at a time and stop when it gets too much.

The Benefits Of Epilating Over Waxing

Cost: In general, waxing will always cost more than epilating! Regular body waxings can easily cost hundreds a year. The Braun costed me $50 CAD and should last me 5 years at least! Waxing prices will vary depending on if you're doing it yourself or paying a professional and what type of wax you're using. If you want to save money and wax yourself the traditional way, you'd need the wax, a wax remover, corn starch, wax warmers, cotton strips, spatulas and so on. I'm over all that fuss!

Effectiveness: I've found epilating has been more effective at pulling hairs out than waxing myself. Waxing via a wax melter takes a lot of skill and proper technique! I feel it's best left to professionals. Even when following professional tutorials, I found i'd hurt myself a lot or end up inflicting a lot of pain for nothing. I've never used boxed wax strips and I don't want to. If you like them, awesome!

Convenience: At home waxing from a pot was a process for me. I use to use hard wax or honey wax and was left with a mess all over a towel and myself. There's also a lot of waste to throw out. Using an epilator is much simpler and cleaner.

Do you like waxing or epilating?

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