Rocky Mountain Skincare Review (Body Scrub & Bath Salt)

April 03, 2018

Rocky Mountain Soap is a cruelty free, natural and Canadian skincare brand that i've had a good experience with in the past. There was an opportunity to try some of their new products from their Wellness line so I said yes. I wasn't sure what would be sent but I though maybe it would be their Aromatherapy oils and sprays which are. I struggle with anxiety and sleep issues and do sometimes use aromatherapy for it. I love all things lavender. I have real lavender in my purse, near my pillow and by my desk and feel it does help a little. I also use peppermint for headaches. I was sent some products that were peppermint/menthol based which aren't really up my alley unless I have a cold which I rarely do.

Bamboo Body Scrub - $25 CAD

I had a bad experience with their body scrub. I loveeee the face polish I have from this brand but knew right away when I read the ingredients of this body scrub that I would hate it. It's largely comprised of hard, grainy salt. It's so easy to be over-zealous when first using it. I had some leg stubble that I used it on and was left scrabbling in the shower to wash the scrub off when I felt in intense burn. I admit, I scrubbed a little harder than was necessary but even when I didn't I had the same experience. As if the salt isn't bad enough, they added mentol and peppermint in it which feels like the equivalent of shaving and then applying a hot sauce aftershave to your skin. My skin burned well after I washed it off with soap. My skin smelt like a pine tree after which I don't think is desirable for a lady. The bathtub and my feet were also coated in oil after which I also didn't like. Hard pass.

Cleanse Bath Salt - $6 CAD to $22 CAD

After the experience with the body scrub, I didn't try the Canadian Balsam Fir & Cedarwood bath salt in an actual bath as the ingredients are largely the same. I've used the Saje Bath salts and they burned my skin so i'm not about to re-subject myself to that experience ahah. So i'll be using this in a foot bath!

So just to recap, I love this brand. I use my face polish and soap daily. But these products just weren't for me. If you've got sensitive skin, stay away. Fortunately, these two products mainly have 5 star reviews on their website!

*pr samples

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