Ittse Empty Magnetic Palette Review

April 26, 2018

The Palette
I love the look and feel of these palettes! To me, they're almost clutch-like. Ittse makeup palettes are covered in a faux leather that come in a variety of colours. I love that the cover is paper free because i've noticed with time ''z-palettes'' show a lot of wear (the paper tears in the corners and the clear plastic gets scratched). Faux leather should be more durable. The quality is beautiful. They're actually much sturdier than I expected. They're like a hard covered book. They're smaller than I expected but I actually love the size for travel purposes! They're the size of a mini notebook so they fit very well in a my little bag. The magnet that keeps it closed is super strong so it won't open on you accidentally either if you throw it into a large purse.

I've got Black Iris, a deep navy colour. which is their original design. A few days ago Ittse released a new palettes design, Florentine Gold. Their are some differences between the two. The most obvious being the placement of the logo. I like the placement of the newer design but neither are a deal breaker for me. Both are the same size but the newer one is slightly longer when laid out due to the spine being a little longer. The new design has a cut out so you can more easily pop out the inside. This is an awesome change. The new palette is a deeper black. and the foam is more squishy than the original. The foam in the original design is very dense and hard to squish down.

I've seen other portable makeup palettes like this that are double the price. This palette is regularly $24 USD. It holds 12 standard eyeshadow pans. For reference, a small z palette holds 9.

In other Ittse news, they've also updated the packaging that houses their single pans. Before the cardboard was navy and white and had a cutesy painting of a fashionable girl. Now the packaging it more mainstream; white with a beautiful watercolour painting. Most importantly, far less plastic is used. The original cardboard contained a hard plastic case for the pan which was very nice but not necessary. Now there is a thin piece of clear plastic to show off the product.

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