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April 26, 2018

Ittse is a cruelty free, paraben free and talc free (almost) makeup brand based out of San Francisco, California. They sell reasonably priced panned eyeshadow, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, concealers and face powders that can be housed in their signature empty magnetic palettes. They're all about you being able to customize your own palette in a travel friendly way. They have an amazing selection of eyeshadows!! The selection of shades i'm showing is not the best representation of their eyeshadow selection as they have gorgeous vibrant colours and mid toned neutrals/browns too!!

Why Customizing A Palette Is Best
I love the freedom of choosing the exact shade of eyeshadow or blush I want. There are times that having a premade palette that contains a lot of crazy colours in the smaller pan size works. But most of the time were paying to be left with a palette full of shades we never touch. With every pre-made palette I have, I honestly only use 3 shades out of about 12 of the shades provided.

I find that I use single eyeshadows more often and creatively when I have my favorite shades in one place rather than having to go into various pre-made palettes to find the one colour in it I want. I can switch up the layout to inspire me too.

And then there is the convenience aspect. If you're travelling and short on space, you can take just the pans you want in your palette. You can have your full face makeup laid out right infront of you with your mirror.

Why These Shades
Ittse was awesome and let me choose most of these shades! It wasn't easy as I love almost everything. Warm tone colours are really in but i'm not that into them. I don't tend to actually wear reds, golds, oranges and pinks other than when i'm creating Instagram looks. I decided to go for different shades than my usual, colours that I would actually wear and could create multiple cohesive looks with that would complement my eye colour. Blues, greens and purples make brown eyes pop so I choose 5 wearable cool toned pops of colour and based the rest of the shades around them. I choose transition shades that were lighter and subtle so that they wouldn't compete with the the beauty of the cool toned colours or muddy them up in my crease. I stuck to neutral highlight colours because they're safe and staples. The darkest shades are also neutral because warm darks wouldn't go as well with the blue, green or purple.

Bare Canvas
This is a staple shade for most people, a creamy white. I love to use this as my base colour to start because it aids in covering my eye veins and blending other colours. I use it for a second time at the end of every look to highlight my browbone and inner corner. This shade is more sheer, dry and powdery which tends to be typical of this type of shade. Performance is fine, as it isn't really a shade you use to be noticed but can be built up if you need.

This is a champagne shimmer. It provides a gorgeous sheen without looking too much like micro-shimmer or too frosty when it catches the light. It's shimmery but not what I would call foiled. If you've use the Colourpop shimmers, it's not on that level. I feel most comfortable wearing this pale metallic as a highlight on a daily basis.

This a pale transition shade with a yellow undertone. Barefoot looks orange-peach on my skin and papyrus looks yellow so keep this in mind if  you're pale and want a totally neutral skintone transition shade. Between the two I tend to go for Papyrus most. This shade has good colour pigmentation.

This is a gorgeous sorbet peach colour. It's a little bit of a vibrant pastel. I like to sneak it in my crease for some warmth without going overboard. It's a little more chalky/powdery and has good colour pigmentation.

This is a muted peacock blue. I love the shade. It's got good pigmentation but once again, it's drier so make sure you use primer. It feels very smooth in the pan.

Ocean Beach
SO PRETTY. This is a shade that's hard to find. It's a matte, deep navy blue. From what i've gathered from review-reading over the years, this kind of matte shade is hard to make. In order to get full colour opacity, you need to pack it on with your finger on a primed eye. I find I have to do this with most shades like this from every brand.

Changing To Flats
I love a Barney purple! This shade has buildable pigmentation. For full pigmentation you really have to pack it on and make sure you have a good base for it to stick to. I've been mixing this shade with a liquid to make a liner and it makes my eyes pop so much.

I love greens. This is a deepened forest green metallic with a brighter and lighter green micro shimmer. It's so pretty!! Pigmentation is good.

This is a silver metallic (not a white-silver). As far as a satin shadow goes, this is great but this was the one shade I didn't like. It's certainly not bad but it could be better. It's a satin finish to me. You can apply it wet to amp up the shine quite a bit but even still i'd like it to be more high-shine and reflective. I think I was hoping for a more foiled look.

I love this shade! It's a medium toned grey with a slight blue-purple undertone. It's definitely an interesting shade, it gives a sultry 1960s vibe to me because it's slightly pastel and has a cool undertone. You could wear it on it's own or lightly apply it to your crease. It's got awesome pigmentation and isn't powdery. It will look amazing with every eye colour. Brown eyes in particular will stand out nicely against the cool tone.

This shade is a matte grey.  It's an awesome shade for deepening up looks and giving a more smouldery vibe. It's pigmented and easy to work with.

This is a gunmetal satin with blue shimmer in it. It's not a shade I would have ever chosen for myself but when I saw it in person and swatched it I was pleasantly surprised! It's probably the most pigmented and smooth of all the shades i've tried. It's pretty impressive and glamorous. It's a very messy shadow to work with as it's so soft and glittery so many sure you apply it first and use a good primer.

Wow! This is an amazing matte-satin black! In the pan you can see a lot of shimmer but it doesn't come off that way when using it. The feeling in the pan is harder and more gritty. I like that there is not a ton of kick up with this shade. Pigmentation is great.

I think the highlighters from Ittse are almost the same as the pale shimmery eyeshadows from the company. Pigmenation is great so if you want the best bang for your buck, the highlighters are only $10 and give you a ton of product!

I would have thought the shade Eclat would be way too dark for me but it's not that bad. When i'm a little darker this summer it will be really good on my usual NC20 skin. Eclat is a more neutral gold.

This highlighter is more natural and wearable. It's very light reflective but not on the level that you see on Instagram wear. Most powder highlighters are too obvious to wear out for me, but the finish and effect of this highlight is more natural looking so I love it and feel comfortable going out in it. It's great!!

This is a super pigmented blush so use a light hand! This shade is a very satin coral pink with gold microshimmer. The finish of this shade intimidated my but it looks more flattering on the skin than it sounds. I would say it mostly comes off satin on skin. The colour is totally up my alley. It's bright but looks realistic to actually blushing. If you like Nars 'Orgasm' you'd like this. 10/10.

Lid: Ocean Beach | Crease: Papyrus and Bare Canvas
Lid: Cypress | Lower Lashline: Farallons |Crease: Papyrus and Alabaster
Inner Corner: Bare Canvas | Lid: Obsidian | Crease: Barefoot, Velveteen, Montmartre
Inner Corner, Browbone and Lid Center: Alabaster | Lid: Changing To Flats | Crease: Montmartre | Transition: Bare Canvas
Inner Corner: Bare Canvas | Lid: Velveteen | Crease: Montmartre

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