It Cosmetics ''Confidence In A...'' Line Review

April 09, 2018

I've been using these 3 It Cosmetic skincare products for only a week but i'm so excited about them I wanted to get this review out asap. I knew I loved everything after the first day of using them! The week long test was really just to see if I would break out which I didn't. I plan on investing in buying these products in the future.

What does the 'Confidence In A ...' line have in common? These ingredients that will make your skin look and feel nice.

Hylauronic Acid: Locks in moisture, boosts elasticity, and visibly plumps fine lines and wrinkles. 

Collagen: Supports skin structure and elasticity for a youthful, smooth appearance.

Peptides: Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support natural collagen production for smoother, firmer skin. 

Ceramides: Help restore and repair the skin barrier, keeping skin moisturized and supple.

Niacin: Promotes a more even appearance and helps combat the look of blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Colloidal Oatmeal: Moisturizes, softens, and smooths the feel of your skin. Excellent for sensitive skin types.

Confidence In A Cream$62 CAD/$48 USD.
An ultra-hydrating moisturizer that’s clinically tested to rejuvenate, repair, and restore skin for softer, smoother, younger-looking results. 

What an amazing cream!! The most important things I look for in a facial cream are that it has high hydration, a thicker texture, a lightweight feel, good absorbability, anti-aging ingredients and wears well under foundation. My final opinion depends on if it breaks me out. This cream passed with flying colours.

When applied on the skin it quickly dries down to a non-oily, plump-skin feeling finish. It feels like a weightless hydration is on my face, like i've got naturally soft and supple feeling skin. To put this cream's consistency into perspective, if you were to scoop some out, the next day the dent you made would still be in the jar. Don't think that it's 'hard' though because it's not! It's thick in a good way! Get yourself a sample of this stuff because it's really good!!!

Confidence In An Eye Cream | $48 CAD/$38 USD.
Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this revolutionary moisturizing eye treatment brightens the looks of your eyes to make them appear instantly more awake.

I often get dry skin around my under eyes which makes my under eyes look tight and wrinkly. When I apply this eye cream, it immediately provides hydration and gets rid of the 'wrinkle' look. It really does transform my undereye! It wears well under foundation. It's not too heavy and is not oily at all. I don't experience burning eyes. The best part is it contains anti-aging ingredients. I sleep on my face and constantly apply and remove makeup around my eyes. Hopefully regularly applying this cream under around my eye area will keep the years back a little! I really like it so recommend it!

Confidence In A Cleanser $62 CAD/$28 USD.
A revolutionary one-step skincare solution to cleanse and hydrate while leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Hooked I am on this cleanser. Other people love it too. I can't decide if it's equal or more loved than my previous favourite cleanser. In general I love a cleaner that can create a thick but slightly bubbly paste. They have always been the best for my skin because they tend to clean very well without making skin a barren wasteland. This cleanser has such an interesting texture! It's cool and very hard to describe but i'll try. It too has a heavy, kind of emollient and slippery feeling. When rubbing it into skin with water it turns into smaller bubbles. My skin feels very clean, moisturized and balanced after using it. I recommend this product too.

* pr samples

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