The Online Beauty Store For Makeup Artists That Blows Sephora Away

March 12, 2018

If you are a student or are a makeup artist and can prove it, apply to Camera Ready Cosmetics! You can get an amazing discount. If you're not, they are still an amazing online vendor. 

For starters, many brands created for makeup artists are more affordable than typical commercial makeup. The quality is often amazing. Theatre makeup in particular can provide you with intense pops of colour you crave and maybe can't find with other brands. 

Indie brands in particular have super expensive shipping from their own website and often aren't sold at Sephora. Camera Ready Cosmetics has a lot of amazing indie brands so you can fill up your cart more and get free shipping (for Americans only).

With your makeup artist discount applied, you can get some great deals. You can see the savings I got in my shopping cart. I had to pay international shipping but with my MUA discount and the types of products (especially compared to prices in Canada), I was getting a great deal. For example, the only other place in the Toronto area to get the Mehron Prism Palette was Malabar who charges $28 CAD. This would require me to pay to go to Toronto or pay for shipping. On Camera Ready Cosmetics, I bought 8 products with a discount applied to all. Dividing the $13 shipping by the 8 products in my cart, it equaled about $1.60 CAD extra on each product. So I payed roughly $19 CAD through CRC for the Mehron Prism Palette versus $28 plus shipping or train and bus fare with Malabar.

They also provide hefty foundation and powder samples. Some foundation is expensive, so it's a good idea to get a sterile sample. Their sample prices vary depending on the price of the foundation. For example, a Ken Doh Gen foundation sample is $6-8 USD where a Mehron Foundation sample is $3 USD. I got a sample for the Mehron Celebre HD-Pro Foundation and good thing! The colour match was SPOT ON but I didn't like it! So i'm very happy I got the sample.

My only gripe is that they don't carry Makeup Geek anything. I'd also love if they carried individual Coloured Raine eyeshadows. Lastly, there are no money-back returns for used products like with Sephora. So be weary when buying things you've never bought before. Read reviews, get the your samples.

In general, I like the brands sold at CRC more and I like saving money.

Some of my personal favourite cruelty free brands sold at Camera Ready Cosmetics are listed below.

Morphe (i'm unsure 'how' cruelty free they are)

*I am not paid to say this and not directly affiliated with them. I do have an affiliate link added in my sidebar, the links are powered via MagicLinks.

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