Bleaching My Curly Hair Made It Go More Straight (How To Temporarily Fix It)

March 15, 2018

The positive outcome of bleaching my hair was I got the lighter hair I wanted. The bad was the texture of my hair went all wrong. I knew it would become dry and frizzy but I didn't know that it would also make my hair become more straight. It's the strangest thing. I've always had wavy and curly ringlets but now my hair has a beachy, been-caught-in-a-hurricane look. I thought I could bring my curls back with just an oil but it wasn't enough the bring the curls back. I found this awesome Youtuber, real life+curly girl, who basically figured out how to work with my hair type for me.Washing my hair, putting an oil on it and letting it air dry is not enough.  My hair needs these extra steps more than ever.

To bring the curls back:

  • Use a curl defining cream (& mousse and gel too)
  • Scrunch up you hair A LOT after you've applied your styling products to damp hair
  • Diffuse your hair (blow dry it when it's scrunched up)
  • Use hairspray (optional)

I tried this and it worked PERFECTLY. I used the Verb Curl Cream. Look at that before and after! I really had to scrunch my hair because it's doesn't naturally hold a curl as much as before. But with this technique I was able to get my old hair back. I really like this cream because it's not too heavy. I have a full review coming soon.

I sort of just wanted to make this post for people to know, yes, bleaching your hair even for only 15 minutes can really change it's texture! But you can help it with proper care and styling techniques. My hair is still not as curly as it was but these techniques (mostly the curl cream) helped a lot.

* The Verb Curl Cream is a pr sample.

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