'Spilling The Tea' On Companies That Sell In China & The Video That Made Me Go Cruelty Free With Beauty

February 04, 2018

Our brand does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on its behalf, except when it is required by law 

A common statement we see from cosmetic and skincare companies. This statement doesn't necessarily refer to the Chinese animal testing law, though most of the time it does. Although cosmetics tested on animals that are sold in the EU is banned, this ban doesn't extend to ingredients that are commonly found in cosmetics and household products. So there are cases when that “required by law” statement is referring to that. Israel and India have also banned animal testing but still allow the sale of cosmetics that have been tested in other countries. It's all very complicated.

China however, always requires all foreign, imported skincare and cosmetics to be tested on animals. The trick to finding out if this is happening is to research if a company sells their products in mainland China. If their products are sold in mainland China, these companies must pay for their products to be tested on animals in government-run labs or by a 3rd party company. Can you imagine?

This law does not include Hong Kong, so if a company only sells products in Hong Kong, they're in the 'cruelty free clear'. If a product is sold via foreign e-commerce to China, it does not need to be tested. And lastly, products made in China for foreign export only don't have to be tested on animals.

Testing cosmetics on animals is not an efficient way for China to gather knowledge on a product. There are in vitro tests and non-animal testing methods that are more reliable. Companies like MAC are trying to convince China to use these methods but China isn't going for it because they make a lot of money from companies these companies paying to have their products tested. Little by little there is some progress, but we're not there yet....

Tests could be anything along the lines of spraying products into the eyes of animals, force-feeding them products, smearing products onto skin, sometimes already irritated or wounded. After animals are tested on without pain relief, they are killed. We don't know what kinds of animals are used. To my shock, in Canada, Beagle dogs are tested on (mainly medical) because of their docile, gentle nature. Not only are they tested on, they are abused by the workers. Videos have surfaced of dogs being punched and hit. If in a modern country like Canada, what is happening behind doors in China? I could not make a list long enough of the type of animal abuse that has been documented in China.

Below I have linked the video that made me decide I didn't want to support, endorse or influence people to buy products from non-cruelty free brands. It contains graphic, upsetting content. 

As a final word: It has been easy making the switch as there are loads of cruelty free companies to choose from out there. You can view my list of cruelty free companies here.💚 By boycotting brands that sell in China, we put pressure on them and China to change.

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