Skincare Diaries: At-Home Facial Peel Routine ft Eminence

February 05, 2018

This is only one of my Eminence routines that i'll be trying to treating dry/textured skin and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This was my first time using Eminence. This isn't a final review but a place for my thoughts though the process.  I'll have more of these coming! I'm really excited about this company :) They're kind of like the organic version of Dermalogica, being used in spas.

  1. Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 5% (Lightly stimulating & exfoliating facial peel)
  2. Soothing Chamomile Tonique (Sooth & neutralize skin after acid peel)
  3. Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer (Soothe irritation, hydrate sensitive skin & reduce redness)

(No SPF used as sun set early. No serums as I felt the peel and tonique were 'enough' done to my skin in this particular sitting)
The Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel contains 5% glycolic acid. This is an at-home strength version of their 20% peel which can only be provided by spas/professionals. "Accelerate the exfoliation process with this enzyme peel that removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. This delicious purée of yam and pumpkin leaves skin looking firm and radiant." As some of us know, exfoliation is one of the few things you can do to fade PIH. If you have dull skin and texture, this peel should be to your benefit too.

The Soothing Chamomile Tonique is formulated for use after an enzyme, glycolic or lactic peel - or you can use it on it's own as a toner/skin mist. It says it helps to sooth the skin and restore balance. It contains a blend of botanical extracts - there's a lot in it!

I choose the Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer out of all the Eminence moisturizers because it appears to be one of the 'safest' moisturizers ingredient-wise for sensitive, acne prone skin (I always play it safe when being introduced to trying new skincare). It works out perfectly in this routine as well, since this peel does make skin feel a little sensitive and red after. It "relieves inflammation and reduces redness to promote a clear, calm complexion. Featuring chamomile tea and aloe vera juice, the fast-absorbing moisturizer balances and soothes, as shea butter conditions and softens for smooth skin and a long-lasting, comfortable feel. Its unique Biocomplex formula features coenzyme Q10, vitamins, antioxidants and alpha lipoic acid to restore a youthful, radiant appearance. "

I don't expect to notice my PIH to be lighter the next day. For tomorrow, I expect and hope to find no breakouts, the sustained feeling of smooth skin texture and less dryness. If I can manage to keep my acne at bay for the next few months, i'd like to see these products and other Eminence products lighten my PIH. I'll be sure to do an update in a few months on the condition of my skin. That's one of the reasons i'm documenting all of this now.

Lately my skin is been feeling dry and textured- like it has a hard layer on it. I've been doing a lot of manual exfoliating which helps for 24 hours. I've been looking for a thicker moisturise to nourish my skin for longer periods of time as I think one of the problems is lack of moisture. I do get a normal amount of oil in my t-zone. I have A LOT of hyperigmentation. This year, i've noticed a lot of bumps on my forehead from product. My skin is often prone to pimples- not sure why. That's pretty much everything.

The Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel looks and feel like finely pureed baby food. It smells like the epitome of fall- pumpkins and yam. Because it looks and smells so organic and edible, I can't help but wonder if it will do anything at all.

I applied it to my face with the spatula they provide- it worked great. It really does feel like putting baby food on your face ahah. Within about a minute, I noticed it was already doing something. My face had a cooling-burning-tingling-freezing sensation. I can't image how their 20% strength peel would feel. The box says leave on for 10-15 minutes. Just to be safe, I took it off at about the 10 minute mark. My face felt less dry, slightly smoother and a little sensitive. It was also red where to mask was applied. So on to the next product. PS The redness does go away.

The Soothing Chamomile Tonique once again is ideal for using after a peel. It says 'This toner can be applied after professional or home use feels to neutralize a restore skin balance....' To neutralize peel products spray directly onto cotton pads and gently compressed into the skin. Follow with damp sponges or rinse with cool water'.

So I did that. My skin still had that cooling sensation so this product felt cooling too even though it isn't. I blotted my face with a wet cotton pad. Although this part didn't feel completely necessary, Eminence and a lot of customers swears by it. I'm hoping that it really does something to benefit skin after a peel. I did check the ph of this particular product and it's 8 (highly alkaline). Maybe that's why it's recommended for use after an acidic peel.

Last step was the Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer. Because it's a moisturizer in a jar, I made sure to spray my spatula with 99% alcohol that I always have nearby. It's a thicker moisturizer that can be diluted with water in your hand. I choose to use it on it's own. After I rubbed in about the size of 2 large peas to my face, I noticed it did look a little streaky-white but this went away in 10 or 20 seconds. I don't mind that at all. I really like how it feels!! It doesn't have an oil-on-skin feel or a glycerin feel. It's feels lightweight yet heavy- which makes no sense I know. It smells faintly of a floral shop.

No breakouts or irritation. Skin feels like it usually does. PIH looks the same but the rest of skin looks a little brighter. The moisturizer provided moisture to my skin for a very long time - I like that. I think I need to apply it more.

*Disclaimer: Items are pr samples. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. 

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