Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

February 16, 2018

I have been super into manual exfoliation in powder form lately. My skin has seen greater benefits and less unwanted side-effects than when I use my liquid exfoliants which tend to give me dry, flaky and itchy skin. I never know if i've overdone it with a liquid BHA until I get these annoying side effects. I was recommended this powder exfoliant by my skin therapist. She recommended it because I had dry, textured skin and PIH. I've tested it for about a month and love it. My skin always looks and feels amazing after using it. It's reliable and side effect free for me.

The Daily Microfoliant is meant to smooth, soften, even out and brighten skin.

When activating the Daily Microfoliant with water, Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes are released that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter skin. The 'Skin Brightening Complex' helps to balance uneven skin pigmentation while a super-soothing blend of Green Tea, Ginkgo and Colloidal Oatmeal helps to calm the skin, leaving it extraordinarily clear and refreshed.

When you add water, most of the powder dissolves creating a paste with bits of fine grit. It's not overly abrasive at all. I like to rub it in for a long time and let it sit for a minute after. It dries/absorbs water fast so you have to add water constantly.

Smoother, Softer, More Subtle Skin
Having used the Daily Microfoliant for nearly 3 weeks mostly daily, I don't fear that i'm irritating my skin at all. I can use it daily to get smooth skin without any negative effects. If my skin feels dry, rough or dehydrated, i'll use this to fix that. My skin feels more smooth and more subtle after. The feeling lasts about 25-35 hours before I feel I need to do it again. 

Increases Effectiveness Of Other Skincare
I love to use it before adding leave on skincare because the ingredients don't have to 'struggle' as much to work. If there is a layer of dead skincells on your face, product had to work harder to penetrate it and work it's magic.

Acne Improvements
Since incorporating it into my skincare regime, especially my makeup removal process, I have noticed a reduction in acne. I'm hoping that with regular use, I can get rid of deep clogged pores but so far I haven't noticed a difference. I suppose those need manual extraction. 

Fading PIH
My PIH seems to be fading a little faster than usual. I think this product - as well as various other products I use - are helping that issue. After all, exfoliation is one of the only ways to naturally fade PIH.  I will do an update in a few months in let you know. 

The container is large (75g) and I need a little a day (1/2 tsp). The $80 CAD/ $55 USD price is a big one, but this might be a must-have for myself.

*Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample and affiliate links used. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. If you buy through my affiliate links ever - thank you for your support! 

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