Voir Luxury Hair Oil Review

January 25, 2018

Voir is a newer Canadian, cruelty free haircare company. The 'A Walk in the Sun' Luxury Hair Oil is a product I choose from their line of 4 haircare products as I felt it was most versatile and beneficial for me. Instead of washing out a hair masque, I figured this would be more ideal for my current situation. 

I recently bleached my hair lightly. I love my new hair, but where I could once run my fingers through it with ease, I can't do that anymore without my hair tangling and breaking. I haven't been using my usual silicone-based hair oil as it was causing me acne. This product boasts being silicone, paraben, sulfate free and cruelty free and made in Canada, things my L'oreal hair 'oil' couldn't say. Since I started using this, my hair feels a lot better and I no longer deal with that tangly issue. Not only that, my hair was looking a little dry and this kind of brought colour to it and life. I wouldn't say it's more shiny, it just looks a lot less dry and more rich in colour.

Radiant and uplifting, our luminous hair oil is like liquid sunshine. The light golden elixir is packed with fortifying natural oils from rosehip, avocado, and jojoba that calm frizz and nourish each strand for hair that’s instantly soft, smooth, and shining to perfection
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing.
  • Imparts silky lustre and shine.
  • Helps to increase elasticity and lock in moisture.
  • Shields against heat styling damage.
  • Acts as a protective barrier against saltwater and chlorine.
  • Helps to prevent fading and prolong the life of your colour.
  • Bright citrus scent with hint of vanilla lingers long after use.
  • Safe for colour and keratin-treated hair.
  • For all hair types
It feels very lightweight. Love that.

The product comes in a large heavy glass bottle. I like the label design too. It feels and looks luxurious. The pump works perfectly.

Smells pleasant. Nothing overboard but like they say, it lingers around for a while. It smells fruity and sweet. I definetly pick up on the vanilla.

1 Pump Applied To Damp Hair: Effectively detangled hair, greatly reduced frizz and enhanced natural curls! Hair did not look greasy or weighed down.

1 Pump Applied To Long Dry Hair: Added some slip to my hair. Reduced frizz. Deepened colour.

2 Pumps Applied To Long Dry Hair: 2 pumps was a lot of product. It gave my hair a wet, weighed down appearance before I brushed it out. Brushing it out seemed to greatly fix that. Before use, I couldn't run my hands through my hair with ease (freshly bleached) and now my fingers glide through. Deepened colour.

Deep Conditioning Treatment: I love using this product as a deep conditioning treatment! My hair is so dry from bleaching, I followed their recommendation of applying a generous amount, and wrapping my hair in a hot towel for 20 minutes and shampooing the product out after. My hair feels a lot better.

I love how versatile this product is! It's a hair masque, hair oil and hair protectant. As someone who wants to stray away from silicones in a hair oil, this has replaced the more affordable hair oils i've used in the past that have caused me face and body acne. My estimate is that this 100 mL should last me a year. No negatives to say! You can buy this product here.

*Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample and affiliate links used. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. If you buy through my affiliate links ever - thank you for your support! 

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