Eyeko Review - The Best Mascara I Have Ever Used

January 28, 2018

Eyeko is a brand founded in 1999 in England. They're known now for specializing in eye makeup like eyeliners and mascara. They're cruelty and have awesome zero-waste packaging for many of their products. Aka Squeezy tubes. Love that idea. The products appear to be manufactured in South Korea. The price point is about usually around the $17 - $25 USD price point. One product in my shopping cart on their website read $4.50 USD shipping to Canada. Pretty good. They are also sold on Ulta. The packaging is super cute too. 

Quick Summary Of My Thoughts For Busy Bees
The Lash Alert Mascara is now the best mascara I have used. I said that about the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, but this one beats it. I would absolutely buy it and recommend it. Seriously. I can't get over how great it is.

The Sport Waterproof Eyeliner is the best gel eyeliner I have used. It's great. I don't wear gel eyeliner but if I did, I would buy it.

The Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner is great, but not the best liquid eyeliner I have tried. It's got some issues (read below). I wouldn't buy it.

The Brow Gel is amazing for holding eyebrow hairs without leaving your eyebrows feeling crunchy. I love it and would recommend it.

Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner: I put this aside to giveaway to one of you. It's a felt tip that Alexa Chung loves. Whoever that is.

Lash Alert Mascara - $22 USD (sale)
Okay, everything about this product is perfect. This stuff holds my straight, short lashes SO WELL. It doesn't clump at all. It NEVER groups my lashes together so that it looks like I have 5 thick eyelashes. It separates them and give them a wispy look. The wire brush separates my lashes like A DREAM and gives them a wispy look. It's super tiny and I never, ever end up touching my skin when using it. My lashes look more real than other mascaras make them look. You know what I mean? It's hard to tell if i'm wearing mascara or if I just have great lashes.. It doesn't smear or crumble. It has little fibers in the mix that don't irritate my eyes at all. I don't notice them on my eyelashes at all- i'm not sure they do anything.  The formula is not too dry and not too wet. It's the best.

The Sport Waterproof Eyeliner - $22 USD
Amazing. It actually stays on my waterline! And my eyes aren't irritated! I love that this is creamy enough that I can use the brush attached to the other side to smudge it out. There is also a sharpener built in the other side. Perfect.

Brow Gel Style & Define - $18.75 USD (sale)
I would like to see more pigment to this product-then it would be perfect for me. That aside, it's an amazing product!! It literally looks like there is nothing on my eyebrows right now. This places them very well. I have used brow gels that are stronger, but I find I like this one more for daily use. My brows almost feel like nothing is on them. Another great product!

Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner + Widelash - $17.60 USD (sale)
This stays on my eyes all day and is waterproof. But I have some issues with it. I find the brush applicator dries a lot, the formula could be blacker and it struggles to perform near the inner corner of my eye (almost like it's bleeding but not quite). For the price, I need it to be better. I like my Nyx Epic Ink Liner significantly more. Maybe their other liners are better. All the negative aside, it's not a horrible product. It looks great on my eyes right now- I love that it's not super shiny.

*Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample and affiliate links used. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. If you buy through my affiliate links ever - thank you for your support! 

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