The Hair Band Every Person With Long Hair Needs To Try

December 03, 2017

I've seen these 90s looking plastic cord key chain bracelets before and thought they were probably good but not really necessary or all that better than what I was using. Using these Gummibands, I realize I was wrong.... I was wrong... These are awesome! I cross mine twice and they are perfectly tight enough to strongly hold my hair. I wake up with my hair tied in the same place as tight when I fell asleep. The swirl design means that the band really grabs onto hair and locks it in place. Occasionally I can't pull these off (frizzy, curly hair here...). If that happens, I remove them the same way I put them on but in reverse. It's super easy. Most of the time I can slide them right off.

The Gummibands are great because:

  • They can hold thin hair to dreads
  • They hold hair very well
  • They eventually nearly completely go back into form after use. When the cord stretches out, warm it with your hot blow dryer or hot water to return it to it's original shape.
  • They are extremely hard to break
  • They don't damage hair
  • They are hygenic and easy to disinfect
  • They're cute
  • They are hard to loose
  • They don't cut off the circulation on your wrist
  • They come with a 1 year warranty
I always had 4 problems with standard thin Goodie hair ties I use to use:

  • I've lost probably 40 in the past 2 years because they're so tiny and dark
  • They pull my hair out when I remove them
  • They break or loose elasticity on me
  • The small ones cut the circulation off on my wrist
These make a great stocking stuffer! Gummibands are $8 CAD and offer free shipping anywhere in Canada, even if you buy just one! I've also got a code for you. If you by a 4 pack of Gummibands, you get get an extra 2 if you use the code BONUS40.

You can order a Gummiband here at .

Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. Thank you to the brands who help keep content fresh on this site!

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