Sigma Nightlife Palette By Camila Coehlo Swatch & Review + Sigma Affiliate!!

December 12, 2017

Guess what!? I'm a Sigma affiliate now! This is something that's probably only exciting for me but I thought i'd share the news for those of you that have been following me since I was SUPER small (which was not long ago). I love following how little bloggers are progressing opportunity-wise as they grow. Anyways, I will still of course be totally honest with my reviews on all Sigma products I talk about.

This is a palette they have been sending to new affiliates. It wouldn't be my choice of palette just because there are a lot of shades that I have and the cool tones are something that I rarely use. Even though the shades lean cool, there is a great variety of shades which is awesome. We have a black, an off white, some highlighting shades, some transition shades and some pops of colour. I found most of the shadows average pigmentation-wise with a few great ones. I didn't get any super impressive swatches but I found they all blended nicely and were very easy to apply. Some of the pops of colour are limited in how intensely you can build them which is what disappointed me about this palette. I was hoping for something more foiled and intense. All of these are on the drier side. The mattes feel soft, the metallics a little more rough. I think the formula of these is ideal for beginners. I overall really enjoy working with these. The neutrals are the strong-point of this palette and are what I love to use. Sadly, I feel this palette is not worth $50 CAD. I would not buy this palette having it know because there are too many average performing shades. For that money, I have so many other amazing options.

This palette is $39 USD with regular free shipping on Sigma on order $50+ (for America). For Canadians, this palette would be $50 CAD with free shipping on orders $150+.

The first shade, Bijou is sooo subtle. I see this as subtle setting powder of my eyeshadow primer, so it's not totally useless.

4 Star is not super pigmented in colour but offers some shine. It's. For this shade, I think the lack of colour is perfect because I don't know about you but I don't want a highlighting shade to look yellow on my pale skin. I can pull this one off.

The next shade, Panache is a great neutral mid-tone matte transition shade. I LOVE THIS ONE. This particular colour is always my go-to transition because it's neutral. There's the perfect amount of pigmentation

Even though the shade Topaz has some micro shimmer and a sheen. it makes a really nice warm transition shade. It somehow ends up as a satin-matte on when worn.

Skyline is pretty subtle in pigmentation but for the colour it is, i'm okay with that. It's one of those shades that you can use to blend out messes or set your primer.

The shade VIP gives me 1960s vibes. It's like a light vibrant purple. It's unimpressive on a swatch but works very well on any eye primer. It's cute!

Boogie doesn't quite give the pow and intensity I was hoping for but it is easy to work with. If you're hoping for a super pigmented electric blue, the won't work quite like that. None the less, it's a nice pop of colour that is easy to sneak into a look without getting a too over-the-top look.

The shade Urbanette looks unimpressive in a swatch. It's a purple, so unsurprisingly a dry and patchy in a swatch BUT it works really well on the eye. I like this one.

No Waiting is pretty good in the pigmentation department. It's not super smooth or creamy, but is very easy to get a good pigmentation.

Leather Pants is a very black black! This one totally impressed me!! Be careful when using this one because it's easy to go overboard.

The star of the palette for me is this dark brown shade, After Hours. Like the black, it's very pigmented and blends like a dream.

The shade Disco Ball seemed like a dud to me. It's a sheer overlay of silver shimmer. It's definitely noticeable but I want it to shine like a disco ball! Maybe my standards are too high... It just reminds me of a drugstore shadow.

This palette is $39 USD with regular free shipping on Sigma on order $50+ (for America). For Canadians, this palette would be $50 CAD with free shipping on orders $150+.

*Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample and affiliate links used. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. If you buy through my affiliate links ever - thank you for your support! 

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