Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Luxury Palette Swatch & Review

December 29, 2017

Have you ever found yourself using only 2 shades in a makeup palette? That's pretty much the case with every eyeshadow palette I have that has over 4 shades. I have a palette with 18 shades but I only use 2. With this palette, I have found myself using every shade equally in frequency!

This pretty little palette contains the perfect shades for a wearable smokey eye. You can create a daytime look or a nighttime look that will complement any other colour you're wearing.  It contains shades that are the foundation of every look if you want to add some shimmer or a pop of colour. We got a subtle base shade, a crease shade and two define shades. Charlotte Tilbury words it a little different: Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke.

This quartet has chocolate, taupe, tan & cream shades for a gorgeous low-key look that transcends the seasons!

• Get desk to dusk to disco eyeshadow in minutes!
• Highly pigmented shades mean you get long-lasting colour that is buildable throughout the day.
• Shades are all colour-coded so its artistry made effortless.
• Ideal if you want a timeless eye makeup look for any occasion!

• Made in Italy
• 30 month shelf like (2.5 years)
• Contains parabens and talc.
• Cruelty free
• 5.2g or 1.3g/pan
• $13.25 USD or $17.50 CAD per pan

These 4 shades are my favourite wearable shades ever because they're neutral! I personally don't like for my makeup looks to lean too cool or too warm. I love neutrals.

Prime: This was a super subtle shade. All the other shades had the same pigmentation except this one which is more subtle. It barely shows up on my skin but I love it. It makes blending a dream. It gives just enough of a highlight that I can notice it. But if you want an intense inner corner highlight, this lacks in that department. This shade is intended for setting and priming and does a stellar job at doing just that.

Enhance: This is the perfect transition shade for my skin and my favourite transition. It's neutral not being too grey. It has just that little bit of warmth. It's not too dark or light for my skin tone. Pigmentation is just right.

Pop: This is a nice muted dark brown. Pigmentation is buildable which makes not scary for me to use. I like to use it for defining my crease.

Smoke: Yesssss. Ugh. I love this shade. It's that smokey, hard-to-describe, gorgeous colour that just looks good on everyone. It's that bedroom eyes colour. It complements blue eyes, brown eyes and green. I mostly use this in my crease.

These shadows feel like they've been blended a lot. To touch, they feel smooth and dry. There is very little kick up when using it.

What surprised me the most about this palette was how smooth these mattes looked on my eyes. Have you ever used matte eyeshadow that looked powdery and enhanced the look of texture on your eyes? This didn't do that.

Even better, these were the easiest shadows i've ever worked with. They were not too pigmented. I was able to really control the intensity I wanted. Blending was a dream! It was very quick and easy to get a gradient look. 

These lasted pretty much all day on my eyes.

These retail for $53 USD or $70 CAD. Each pan would cost $13.25 USD or $17.50 CAD each for a little less than a standard eyeshadow pan. That is pricey. This particular palette is so usable and performs. It has a shelf life of 2.5 years which is great, especially for makeup artists. This palette does contains parabens which can be a good thing for makeup artists as it will keep down bacterial growth. I've been researching about parabens a lot lately and studies are sooo conflicting. It's a really complicated thing. My stance on parabens has changed but it's too long to explain in this post. I have nothing bad to say about the performance of this palette. The shades are great. It works very well.

*Disclaimer: Items are a pr sample and affiliate links used. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. If you buy through my affiliate links ever - thank you for your support! 

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