Wunderbrow Review & Real Time Demo On Thick and Thin Brows

November 24, 2017

Wonderbrow seems to be a brow product people either love or hate. I think the opinion people form has a lot to do with what type of brows they have and what type of look the want to achieve.

How It Works With Different Brow Type & Your Style Preference:
I have thick, dark brows that are blonde at the base of each hair. I like to fill in empty spaces to make my brows look thicker and darker. I also want to make the blonde bits of my hair brown. Lastly, I want my brow hairs to be strongly locked into place, all day. The Wunderbrow does all of this for me AND it most definitely is smudge proof and waterproof.

Using this product on delicate, sparse brows, it's become obvious that the application is not seamless when going for the ' perfect gradient, totally filled in Instagram brow look'. When you apply it with an angled brush, the application is streaky which is something I can't notice on my brows. If you go over then same spot, the product can easily be removed. 

My Thoughts:
The waterproof, smudge-proof formula is very gel-like. It's not incredibly pigmented but definitely pigmented enough for filling in brows easily. It's difficult to mess up application, even though if it dries fast. Any angled brush is a must have for applying this. The brush attached to the cap is not ideal for a precise application. The dual ended brush they sell with it works great. The mascara wand is a must for blending it out and they do provide you with a disposable one. This stuff does give a heavy feeling to brows that some people don't like. I personally don't care about that. The shade black-brown looked WAY too light for my brows but turned out to be much darker when applied to my brows. Sadly, the colour is too warm for my brows. I wish they had a cool dark brown for the majority of brunettes. Overall, I love this stuff!!! 

Product Info:
Cruelty free | Paraben free | Vegan | 5 shades | $35 CAD | $22 CAD | 3 G | 6 Month Shelf Life

You can buy it online at the Wunderbrow website. You can also find it in store at select Showcase stores.

In collaboration with model Natalie Olive.

*No affiliate links. Pr sample sent for reviewing/blogging purposes. This does not deter me from giving my honest opinion. Thank you to the brands who help keep content fresh on this site!

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