Rocky Mountain Skincare

November 30, 2017

Rocky Mountain is a small company that hand makes products in Canada. The products are non-gmo and natural.

This is marketed as a face soap but can be used any way you want. I don't have oily or combo skin but I do get an oily nose and back so use it on both. Soaps on my face scare me as they tend to have a high ph and in the past have horribly broken me out. I find this soap to be harmless on my t zone area. It smells natural, slightly citrusy. I love how it leaves me squeaky clean.

CALMING FACE MASK - Lavender & Oat | $13.50 CAD
This product is easily lumpy unless rubbed together well with your fingers first. It leaves a residue of moisture caused by the glycerin and oils added. It does have a cooling sensation, so don't use it on open wounds (acne) or it will burn a little. It smells like a natural product once again. I like it because it makes my skin feel softer.

This feels like a powder.  I thought it would be too gentle but when using it on my face, there was definitely some mild grit. I love how it feels! It left skin feeling shiny smooth. I like it a lot. I feel it is highly priced though.

You can buy these products here.

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