Charlotte Tilbury Holiday Kits 2017 & Nordstrom Visit

November 20, 2017

Today I went to Yorkdale to go to the currency exchange booth and thought i'd take a peak at Charlotte Tilbury in Nordstrom too. I was excited to finally see and swatch some products. There's so much I love about the brand (other than the unrealistically high price point). If you're looking to treat someone (or yourself) for xmas, there are some holiday 'value' kits available shown above that I think anyone would enjoy.

I checked out her gorgeous nude lipsticks. Some of the shades surprised me at how brown they were. Nude Kate and Hepburn Honey looked much more orange-brown in undertone than online. Still pretty, but probably wouldn't look good on me. When I looked at the infamous Pillow Talk shade, I felt quite puzzled on why it's such a loved shade. It's so dark and greige....definitely not a pale person nude. I thought Kidman's Kiss & Super Cindy were very pretty and Kim K & Bitch Perfect were stunning. The formula of every swatch felt amazing. But if there's any makeup product I would make a ridiculous splurge on, it would probably be a really amazing foundation. Those are hard to find. So I got a sample of the Magic Foundation which is supposed to be awesome. Hopefully i'll be able to find out with my one time use sample.

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