GIVEAWAY | Halloween Makeup Removal ft Dermalogica

October 30, 2017

*Video* Having gone to a cosmetology school and having Dermalogica heavily raved and pushed, I have actually never tried a product. I know they're a great professional brand, I just wasn't aware how easily accessible their products were and was hesitant to splurge on something for a high price that I didn't know how i'd like it. I just learned that Sephora sells Dermalogica which is awesome because they allow returns in the event your skin reacts badly. I'm excited to be able to do this little giveaway!

Removes excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, make-up and pollutants. Dissolves buildup without compromising the skin barrier or clogging pores. Smoothes, calms and nourishes the skin. Paraben free.

New to Dermalogica is their Precleanse Balm, a before cleanser step that dissolves makeup. It comes with a nifty silicone face scrubber that really massages makeup away and increases circulation. The Precleanse Balm is initially a more solid state that melts as you rub it into skin. It's gentle on the skin yet effective in removing makeup. In my video demo, I used it to dissolve all my makeup (except eyeliner and mascara as I didn't want to get it in my eye). It has a subtle 'forest' scent that I really like. It does frustrate me that this product costs so much being that it's not benefiting skin, it's just taking off makeup. I can understand the price of other Dermalogica products since they're formulated to improve skin but this doesn't, you know? I overall really like how this cleansing balm worked. It was a little slower at removing my makeup than I'm use to but it worked well.

The Precleanse Balm in the full size is $62 CAD at Sephora Canada and on the Dermalogica website.

Washes away impurities without stripping or drying. Calming agents help soothe and purify skin. Not paraben free.

This cleanser does a great job at cleaning the most greasy of texture from my skin without leaving it feeling too dry or stripped. Some people find this cleanser drying which I might have avoided by not leaving it on my skin too long and using it to remove oil. It's heaving in Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which will leave your skin dryer than usual. Be sure to only use this at night and moisturize well. I'm really liking how it works but I find it smells quite unpleasant which is such a shame. It smells dusty and moldy which is probably not possible because this cleanser contains parabens (ick). I'm not sure what ingredient is responsible for the smell but it annoys me because it stains my skin with the smell. Am I crazy because no one else mentions it in their review. If Dermalogica removes the parabens and the smell, I would recommend this. The price is not horrible because you get a ton of product and need so little of it.

The Special Cleansing Gel is $52 CAD for the 250 mL size at Sephora Canada and on Dermalogica website.

Find out if the Preclenase Balm cleansing routine is for you by entering my giveaway. Open to Canadian Residents only.

*Samples provided for blogging purposes. No affiliate links.

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