Best Vegan Lashes Ever?! Feline lashes Review & Demo

October 24, 2017

The lashes shown in order are Persian, Bengal & Munchkin. The glitter is Femme. My favourite lash is tied between Munchkin and Bengal because they're wearable and suitable for small, hooded eyes. Persian is stunning but a little too much for my eye shape. If you like a super glam look and have an eyeshape that handles heavy lashes well, I think you'd love them.

The quality of these handmade, synthetic silk lashes are on point. I'm so impressed. Firstly, they've got a TON of volume. Do you ever apply lashes and they just kind of droop down or even obstruct your vision? Not these. They just sit on my eye how they should and stay super curled. They're super easy to apply because the band is sturdy and shaped. They're really comfortable and stay attached to my eyes all day. These are certainly worth getting. They're super reliable and suitable for a wedding. I'm so happy with them. I would love if they released a super duper work-friendly pair.

The lashes are $23USD / $29CAD. There is a discount pack of 3 available. The glitter is $8 USD / $11 CAD. Shipping is about $8 CAD / $6 USD. They ship in small boxes which I love because it's economical. The lashes come in a very hard plastic that is not easy to break.

I totally recommend these!! They're gorgeous and high quality. You can wear them multiple times. The packaging is super hard and sturdy so perfect for housing the lashes. The glitter is also great.

Buy them here.

 *Samples provided for blogging purposes. No affiliate links.

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