Viseart Editorial Palette Review & Swatches

September 11, 2017

I've been wanting a palette with primary and secondary colours for a while but I held out on buying cheap palettes because I wanted great performance. I could have gone with the NYX colour palette but the quality didn't feel there when I swatched it in store. Although this palette is pricey, it's not that pricey in terms of price per shades. You're also paying for quality. This palette is nearly perfect if you're looking for your basic matte, bright colours. You can create so many different colours by mixing them together, with a white or black or shimmer. I adore it and highly recommend it!!!

Viseart & The Pallette
Viseart is a creulty free makeup brand that caters to professional makeup artists. The brand is half American, half French. The products are developed and made in France. Viseart claims to use the highest quality talc in their eyeshadows, not harvested in China. Their products contain no parabens.

The Editorial Brights Palette is referred to as a cheek and colour correcting palette. It's not considered eye safe is USA, but is in multiple countries such as Canada. People with a poor immune system might want to avoid using this palette around their eyes. I've had no issues using the shades as an eyeshadow but do take care not the get any pigment in my eyes.

This palette is easily controllable because the shades can be built up upon. They feel a little hard and don't have a lot of fallout. The first 3 or 4 shades don't have the same level of pigmentation as the rest, but they can be built up to an intense colour. The white in pretty muted in pigmentation. The rest of the palette has stronger pigmentation. The colours are bright and intense, some looking almost neon. They are all easy to work with!

Product Amount & Price
I payed exacted $113 CAD for this palette. That sounds scary, but it I break it down, I'm getting 12 pans that hold a whopping 2 grams. Each pan costs about $8 CAD or $6 USD each. That's the price of a Makeup Geek eyeshadow or Mac, both of which give you less than 2 grams per pan.

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