Skinfix Skincare Review | Renewing Cream, Lip Repair Balm & Foaming Oil Cleanser

September 05, 2017


Skinfix is a Canadian, certified cruelty free skincare company. They specialize in products that treat dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, and Keratitis Pilaris. All products are 'natural' so free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and phtalates. Their products are found in most grocery stores or drugstores in Canada as well as online health and drugstores., Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws...

Around 2010, I discovered their Body Repair Paste . That stuff was a little miracle. Similar to Penaten, it had medical ingredients in it like allatoin and zinc in it. It healed and soothed every type of skin problem I had: burns, bug bites, dermatitis, acne. I still use it to this day. Now that i've tried more products from the brand, I can say I think they are one of the most underrated skincare companies out there. 

Foaming Oil Cleanser

Foaming oil cleanser sounds like a paradox to me. I was pessimistically optimistic about this cleanser. This ph balanced cleanser boasts that it will gently wash away dirt and makeup without stripping the skin's moisture. It's suppost to leave skin feeling hydrated, soft, supple and not tight.

There are a ton of ingredients in it, none of which caused me concern. The first few are general moisturizing ingredients and then the oils are towards the bottom of the ingredient list. The formula is milky and looks like it's too creamy to clean but once I rub it, tiny bubbles are created which indicates that it definitely will clean (and it does). As I rinse my face, I notice a residue left over. Once my face dries, it definitely feels tight, very clean yet not too dry. Ironically, it's not suppost to leave my face feeling tight. I tested it to see how it removed makeup off my hand and it removed 99% of it in one go.

I would say this is a quality cleanser. I think it's worth $20 CAD and something I would buy now that I know how it works.

Lip Repair Balm

This lip balm feels very emoilient, wet, slippery and kind of lip a lip gloss. It's definitely one of the better lip balms i've used. The last ingredient is allantion which gets a big thumbs up from me. Allantion is one of my favourite ingredients ever because it moisturizes and heals like no other.

For $5, I think this is a great deal. Definitely recommend.

Renewing Cream


This natural cream is awesome.  I use this as a makeup base (without pilling problems), a moisturizing mask, a day or night moisturizer AND a body cream.

This cream is intended to smooth dry, rough, bumpy skin and Keratosis Pilaris. KP is a condition caused by an excess of keratin which causes hardened skin cells that clogs pores and hair follicles. I think this product works so well because it's intended for KP. Treatment includes extreme moisture. I did have a bout of KP on my right cheekbone 3 years ago that was so hard to remove but was treated with salicylic acid. I definitely think this would have helped a lot.

The packaging indicates it's intended for all over body use, but never specifically says face. So I was worried it would be too heavy for my face and break me out, but it didn't. It a little streaky white when rubbing in, but quickly turns clear and sets down. It quickly makes my face baby-butt smooth! I love it. I wouldn't say it leaves an oily residue but there is a slight 'moisturized feel'. My skin just feels plump. By the way, this has 'natural product' kind of smell.

I recommend this cream. For 114g of good product, I think $20 is a steal.

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