Organic Food Based Body Scrubs That Smell Delicious

by - September 18, 2017

Simply Scrub is a newer skincare company that sells organic body scrubs. They have four scrubs that are all created with very simple natural ingredients that smell good enough to eat. 

I tried all 4 scrubs on one arm and asked an unknowing person to tell me which arm was softer. I should mention I have very smooth arms already so they had a hard time telling which was softer but they said that the scrubbed arm felt like it had more moisturize in it. That it was more plump. I can feel a slight difference between the buffed and unbuffed arm. If you have rough skin, you might notice more of a difference. I will say, it was amazing how much more the circulation in my skin increased. My arm was tingling.

I love this one. It smells exactly like chocolate! It has a lot of abrasion to it. The added oils are very noticeable. I love how moisturized my arm felt. Once I rinsed it off, I smelled just like a sweet chocolate bar. Love that!!! If you want moisture and to smell like a delicious chocolate bar, get this one. 10/10

I like this one second best. It smells just like coffee. So yummy. It has the most abrasion to it and has an oil factor to it as well. Once rinsed, my arm smells just like coffee. 9/10

I didn't like this one. My and a friend felt it smelt weird. It's the chunkiest, so I feel would need a strainer in the drain just in case. It had the least abrasiveness and oily feel to it. My skin smelt kind of like... I don't know... roses and fertilizer. 5/10

I also wasn't a fan of this one because of the smell. It smells kind of natural. I definitely don't want to walk around smelling like it. It's very scrubby and has a very mild feel of oil. It's looks chunky but is really milled down quite a bit. Love the feel of it, just not the smell. 5/10

These scrubs can be bought at the Simple Scrub website. The jars cost $13-$16 USD. Shipping is free in continental America when you spend over $40

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