Quick Review: Ardell Faux Mink Lashes 811 & Mega Volume Lashes 251

September 02, 2017

Ardell is one of the most affordable and easily accessible eyelash brands in Canada. I was so excited to see they're selling eyelashes that look like mink/silk lashes!! As much as I love the look of mink lashes and really want to wear them, I won't buy them because I don't consider them cruelty free.

Anyways, i've been wearing these lashes for 6 months. Yes, they lasted me that long with careful cleaning! Unfortunately, I managed to lose one lash from my favourite set of the two...

Mega Volume Lashes 251

I was feeling very optimistic for these Mega Volume Lashes because they are layered and thick. I don't like these ones but the 250s look better because they have tapered tips. These have a blunt cut, so don't look that real. They are also very to heavy looking. They give what I call a "2002-Christina Aguilera-droopy-eyelash-look" . They look better in close up eye makeup photos, but in real life, I feel they scream 'I'm wearing cheap fake lashes'. I sound so harsh... Ardell has a ton of great eyelashes, but these aren't one of them for me. But you might like them. These are $8.49 CAD, available are Lawton's, Rexall, Sallys Beauty and Walmart.

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes

The Faux Mink lashes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They taper which is great. The band is not that noticeable and bends easily to the curve of my eyelid. These the kind of lashes you'd wear to a date because they're safe in look and reliable. They've never caused me any issues. I wish there were more lashes attached for makeup shots I do, but at the same time, that would make them less wearable in the real world. These are certainly cheaper than lashes sold at Sephora, but I still find them to be expensive. They are the one of the best deal's out there because when you buy nice lashes online that are initially cheaper, you often have to pay shipping and price conversions. So i'll definitely be buying more of these and recommend them! These are $11, available at Lawton's, Rexall, Sally Beauty and Walmart.

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