Neutral Summer-Fall Eyeshadow Palette

September 09, 2017

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Here's a look inside my one palette. It's perfect for the summer-fall season transition. I have more neutral shadows I love and use daily, but I don't put them in this palette because they're huge and square (mild perfectionist here). The palette is from Aliexpress. It's called the TZ Cosmetix Mermaid Palette.

First picture is in direct sunlight and with flash on. 
Second photo is in natural, indirect light with no flash.

  1. Bitzy Lust
  2. Colourpop Highstrung
  3. Makeup Geek Desert Sands
  4. Eye Of Horus Royal Abyss
  5. Eye Of Horus Sacred Husk
  6. Eye Of Horus Artifact
  7. Eye Of Horus Enchtantress
  8. Makeup Geek Mocha
  9. Eye Of Horus Engima Mist
  10. Annabelle Ebony
  11. Eye Of Horus Chalice Bronze
  12. Makeup Geek Preppy
  13. N/A Similar to MUG Latte
  14. Makeup Geek Vintage
  15. Colorpop Wake Up Call
  16. Colourpop Ringer
  17. Colourpop Popular Demand
  18. Lancome Champagne (not cruelty free)
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