28 August 2017

My Most Used Makeup

Here's makeup I actually use daily. I guess that makes them my favourites as well! Find out why I gravitate to these products below. If you want to find out more, odds are i've reviewed and swatched it on my blog or will soon.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | 1.2 N
Why? Because it's incredibly affordable, matches my skin perfectly and covers my skin very well without clogging my pores.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer | CW 01
This stuff is also affordable so I can use a tone of it and not feel upset about the cost per gram. It looks amazing under my eyes - very natural and dewy. The only downside for me is it's not full coverage.

Beautycounter Mattify Skin Finishing Powder
This stuff is talc free and simply does an amazing job at removing shine and excess oil but still giving a slight light reflecting quality.

Glo Minerals Blush | Firstlove
This shade is hard to work with because it's so pigmented and dark. But it looks really good! I just love how it morphes into skin.

Colourpop Supershock Cheek Highlighter | Flexitarian
This is an intense champagne white highlighter. I can use it everywhere I need to highlight including as an eyeshadow. There's no need to use a separate brow bone and inner corner eyeshadow highlight.

Milani Colorstatement Lipstick | 61 Matte Naked 
Such an underrated product. It's extremely comfortable on my dry lips even though it's a matte lipstick. I have very dark lips that need toning down, and this does that. It's a gorgeous nude and a great alternative to cult classic nudes from other more expensive, none cruelty free brands.

Wet n Wild Gel Lip Liner | Bare To Comment
I just love this colour: a gorgeous peach mid-toned nude. This forumla is extremely creamy. I feels just like a lipstick.

Maison Jacynthe Eyeshadow | 04 Macchiato
This is a very easy to work with colour AND formula. I use it as a bronzer and all over eyeshadow shade. It just blends so easily. It's talc free, which I appreciate with all the controversy around talc contamination...

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow | Cocoa Bear
Makeup Geek so obviously amazing... A classic dark brown... I use this on my eyelid as my version of an eyeliner because I have hooded eyes and don't have time to struggle with eyeliners. It's neutral and wearable.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara
This is my favourite mascara. It's brush and formula give my lashes and even, clump-free coating. The brush isn't enormous, so I never accidentally touch my skin. It's a tubing mascara so easy to remove.

Eye of Horus Brow Define | Medium Brown
This is very similar to the ABH Brow Wiz. It creates very thin strokes, so is easy to create natural looking brows.

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25 August 2017

Quick Review: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. Foundation Primer?

This is a product that generally get's mixed reviews. Some people don't like it and some love it. Some people feel it's just okay. Some people say it broke them out or gave them a reaction...

This product is half the standard 60 ml size, so $5.80 CAD, so not as amazing as it sounds but still really good price compared to the majority of skincare out there. Deciem just released a larger version actually!

I think this is a very decent moisturizer. It's not heavy at all, so if you're looking for super hydration, this will leave you disappointed. It really dries down and feels a little tight. It's not the most moisturizing but gives more moisture than no moisturizer at all. I have normal to dry skin with an oily nose. I usually break out from makeup products, so I consider myself more on the acne-prone side. I've had no bad reactions or acne from it.

I don't use this as a moisturizer. It's too basic in ingredients for me. There are no antioxidants. I need scar fading and anti-aging ingredients in my moisturizer for my acne 'scars'. I use this for daily is as a foundation prep. I never use primers actually. They scare the hell out of me (breakouts!) and they don't do much at all for me so are a waste of money. This moisturizer is great because it's thin on the skin and doesn't ball up when I apply foundation on top.

So if you're looking for a great silicone free primer, try this! I really enjoy if for that and will be repurchasing now that i've used it up.

*Purchased myself. Not affiliate links.

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24 August 2017

Zoeva Spot Liner Dupe? Real Techniques Detail & Define Brush Video Demo and Review!

I've never tried a Real Techniques Brush. When it comes to affordable brushes, I always opted for the cheapest alternatives; Elf, Ebay and Coastal Scents brushes. There is one brush that i've wanted FOREVER. It's the Zoeva Spot Liner brush. It's incredible versatile and a must have for small, hooded eyes. I didn't want to buy online from a non-Sephora site, get it and not like it. Actually, I didn't want to spend over $20 (shipping) for teeny tiny brush at all. So I bought an Aliexpress dupe. It was horrible... Guys, don't even bother with those dupe brushes. In my experience, they are always shit.

I had no idea Real Techniques made a similar brush! It's the real deallll. Unfortunately, it only comes in a package deal, BUT the other brush and stencil are also great! LOVE IT.

Both brushes do a great job at filling in brows or creating a winged liner. I use both constantly for everything. Spot concealing, lip art etc. The Square Detailer Brush is the star. It can create hair thin strokes. It so small that I can use it on my waterline. I was worried the Definer Brush (the angled one) was too wide to create a thin line, but when you wet it, it becomes much thinner. The plastic stencil is too thick for my liking, but it worked like a charm! They refer to it as a bonus gift on the packaging. If you look closely, there are 3 styles of wing, including a double flick wing. That one, I didn't like because it was too stubby and thick but the other ones were perfect. I used a dried out Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in my demo. It was challenging, but turned out. A thin liquid liner might leak under the stencil. PS. You can certainly create a stencil with a thinner guitar pick!

This kit retails for $8 USD or $11.54 CAD on the Real Techniques website. Prices vary everywhere of course. This was sent to me by Farleyco.ca, who sells it for $15 CAD. If you're in Canada, you might find it in store at Rexall, Real Canadian Superstore or probably Walmart.

*Provided for reviewing purposes. Not affiliate links. Thank you to the brands that keep reviews coming out!

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21 August 2017

Wet n Wild Megaglo Powder Highlighter in Precious Petals Review & Live Swatch

You're probably aware Wet n Wild released a gorgeous rose, champagne highlighter. It's kind of like Becca Champagne Pop or Opal right? Unfortunately, it's not pale girl/guy friendly! It's a gorgeous highlighting shade for people with skin darker than an NC/NW 30.

Close up look & swatch in different lighting 

This highlighter can be applied sheer and can be built up for a more intense highlight. It's comprised of champagne-rose-gold micro shimmer. I'm an NC15-20 and can't pull this off as a cheekbone highlighter unless I go very lightly - which doesn't give me the reflection I want. If I build it up, when my cheekbone doesn't catch the light, it looks ridiculous, I haven't been able to use this how I want yet but have used it on darker skintones and it's lovely. It's free of parabens and talc.

Wet n Wild Powder Highlighter: $5 USD/$7 CAD. 5g of product ($1/g)
Becca's Highlighter: $38 USD/$46USD. 8g of product ($4.75/g)

If you're in Canada, you can find this in store at Rexall, Real Canadian Superstore and probably Walmart.

*Provided for reviewing purposes.

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19 August 2017

Do Microfiber Cloths Really Remove Makeup? FaceOff Makeup Removal Cloth Review

Unfortunately, this post was deleted in a horrible chain of events. Main point: this cloth removes 50%-85% of all makeup with warm water. It does pull a little on the skin, so be mindful of that so you don't contribute to wrinkles. It's easy to wash away all traces of makeup from the cloth with a decent soap. This cloth is $13 CAD and can be found at the FaceOff website, Well.ca and Hudsons Bay.

*Provided for reviewing purposes.

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17 August 2017

Sormè Illuminizing Highlighter Stick Review *

Another 'win' from Sormè  Cosmetics! These are great cream highlighters! I think they *might* be similar to how the Pat Mcgrath Skin Fetish Kits look on the skin.  They give a natural INTENSE, dewy-looking shine. That's as simple as I can describe it. I am in love with the shade Ethereal for my skin. They also have a more bronze shade.

Shades: The shade Ethereal is a fairly neutral champagne pink. There's not a lot of pigmentation in it, but it's just like a spotlight on your face. It looks beautiful. The shade Celestial is a light bronze highlight. It's a little too dark for my pale skin (unless I tan). It would be amazing on deeper skin tones.

Likes & General Ramblings: I love a highlighter that doesn't look like shimmer or glitter on my face. Something that gives a dewy looking 'pow!'. This highlighter stick does that for me. It's very creamy, so easily applies and blends out with your finger. If you have full coverage foundation on, you will of course need to be more careful blending it out. Unlike a liquid highlighter, this won't dissolve your makeup as easily- perfect. It is oil based, so it has potential to slip around oily skin but I don't think it's something you need to worry about.

Dislike: The only thing I don't like is how the metal part of the packaging jiggles around easily. I'd like it to feel a little more sturdy and luxurious, but it's not a big deal to me.

Product Amount: 0.4oz / 11.5g

Price & Where To Buy: You can buy these at skincaremakeupshop.com for $24 USD. I would also check out if Cosmoprof sells them yet.

Buy or Pass: These are hard to get your hands on. But I love them. I would buy the shade Ethereal again if I could buy it for minimal shipping or in store.


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6 August 2017

Best & Worst Beauty Blender Dupes (2017 NEW Drugstore & Cruelty Free)

What is best beauty blender dupe cruelty free real techniques complexion sponge sculpting sponge ebay dupe eco tools perfecting sponge
What is best beauty blender dupe cruelty free real techniques complexion sponge sculpting sponge ebay dupe eco tools perfecting sponge best and worst review tested

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

$11 US./$14.09 CAD  for 2 on official site. $20 CAD FOR 2 on Farleyco
This sponge is a great choice. In my opinion, it's the second best option out of all the sponges i'm talking about. I loveeee it but I have not had it long and it's ripped so much! It's the easiest to rip out of all the sponges. It's slightly less squishy than the BB. It's about equal in squishiness to the RT Sculpting Sponge. It's very expandable when wet. It's less porous than the BB. Very soft texture. It's one of the sponges that steals the least amount of foundation. The shape is great and i've had no lines stamped on my face.

Buy or Pass?
Buy, but don't cry when you find it covered in tears.

The Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge

 $6 USD / $7.70 CAD on official website. $10.50 CAD on farleyco
This sponge is not intended to apply foundation, yet it's my favourite. It's absolutely not perfect. The shape is all wrong for foundation. I get lines stamped on my face easily. But at the same time, the shape it pretty useful for getting in tight spaces and sculpting. It also get's dents in it easily. I love this sponge because I find it very similar to the BB in bounciness, feel, size, expandability etc. It's maybe a little less squishy than the BB and about equal in bounciness to the RT Sculpting Sponge. It feels pretty hard when dry but get's super squishy when wet. It's very expandable when wet and doesn't steal much product at all. A little less porous than the BB and a little more soft in texture as well. I really think I like this more than the RT Complexion sponge although it has that stamping issue.

Buy or Pass?

Eco Tools Perfecting Duo

Eco tools Perfecting Duo review vs original beauty blender comparison dupe
$10 USD/ $13.93 CAD on their website. $15.99 CAD on farleyco
Light Green Sponge
I love this sponge! It's very similar in size to the BB. I wish they sold it separately! It's very expandable when wet. It doesn't steal all my foundation. It's around the squishiness of the BB and RT sponges. It's the least porous out of all the sponges mentioned and is the absolute softest feeling. I've experienced no rips or dents yet.

Darker Green Sponge
I don't like this sponge :( It steals a lot of foundation and just isn't that squishy. It's one of the most rough feeling in texture and was easy for me to get a dent in it. It expands a lot when wet to be pretty huge. Great shape but just not ideal in my opinion for the above reasons. 

Buy or Pass?
On the fence. I love the light green sponge but don't like the dark green. I'd wait to see if they sell them separately. 

Ebay/Aliexpress Dupe/Replica

fake beauty blender ebay dupe aliexpress vs real beauty blender replica

What a horrible sponge this was. Good job on the packaging but the dupe is nothing like a BB. It's super hard, smells bad, steals all your foundation and doesn't expand. I bought it for $3 CAD here.

Buy or Pass?
*Cat hiss*

fake beauty blender ebay dupe aliexpress vs real beauty blender replica

Thank you to Farleyco for sending over the Real Techniques and Eco Tools Sponge. You can check out their online store here.

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