ISA Professional Digital Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

July 26, 2017

What I like:
This iron gets HOT. It goes up to 450 degrees F. It actually displays the gradual increase in temperature so you know when it hits the temperature you want. No need to touch the iron to see if it's getting hot. It only takes seconds for it to heat up.

I LOVE the shape of it. It's very sleek, light, long and rounded. It's perfect. You can achieve any style with it! You can get curls, waves and straight hair depending on your technique.

I mostly use it to give myself finger-waves and it always leaves my hair feeling so smooth. My hair has never been caught in the device's plates. That's a first. My hair always easily glides through it. I can take huge sections of hair to style because it gets hot enough to heat through.

This device will shut off automatically after an hour. Big thumbs up for not burning the house down.

What I dislike
The device also looks a little more cheap than I expected it would for $150 CAD. I might be being too picky though. My device seems to make a little ticking noise when the internal parts heat up. A little off putting. Lastly, I do notice a scent when it heats up, but that will probably go away with use.

Price and Availability:
You can buy this device at the Isa Professional website for $129 USD or $150 CAD with free shipping to America and Canada. You can also buy it on Amazon. You get a 2 year warranty for all devices.

Buy or Pass?
I'm very happy with how it performs! It's sooo easy to use and is very diverse. I think the price is reasonable because you get a 2 year warranty and free shipping. I definitely recommend it.

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