Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie Review & Shoe Warehouse Review

July 11, 2017

I have found the perfect heeled shoe. It's casual but classy. It's comfortable as hell. It's easy to walk in and will never fall off my foot. It's also got great traction so I won't walk like a giraffe on ice. I have never loved a shoe more.

This is the Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie in black. They also have the same one is a tan shade. It's Dr. Sholls, so you can imagine it's comfortable. The heel is wide and not too high so very manageable for those who can't walk in heels (like me).

Price and Availability:
I've waited a year to get these shoes because I wanted to buy them on sale. I rarely pay full price for an item. I managed to get these for about $46 CAD, at the Shoe Warehouse. You can also find them elsewhere. Right now they are $54 CAD online. These were originally $90 CAD! The Shoe Warehouse is legit amazing. They have great sales. I went in store to buy these but they didn't have my size. They shipped a pair of my size to my house free of charge (I paid for the shoes of course) and I got them 2 days later! The cashier also signed me up for their rewards program. I can't remember the specifics (and their website link is broken right now) but I got $10 towards my next purchase. I think shipping would have cost me $8 online, which makes no sense that they shipped it to free to me from a physical store. I had originally called another store and the girl said that they could order a pair for me to pick up in store but not send it to my home. So, i'm confused but it all worked out for me :)

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