REVIEW | Is Dermaflash Cruelty Free? Is it better than a Tinkle Razor? Does Shaving Cause Acne?

June 28, 2017

Customer Service Experience:
I have a fuzzy face. And as a half Italian, a lot of the fuzz is thicker and darker. When I saw the Dermaflash being recommended in a video, I got that 'have to try it feeling because it's probably better than what I use' feeling. As a newly cruelty free blogger, I dropped the ball on this one though. I asked Dermaflash if they were cruelty free and their workers said yes twice (and yes I have 'receipts'). I emailed their customer service email. I pondered at their animal testing statement and the fact that it clearly said they were not cruelty free yet the customer service rep told me they were. So I sent about 3 more emails asking the hard questions (from different email accounts) and they wouldn't budge. They dodged all my questions so I eventually let them know how I felt about that. Consumers have the right to easily find these things out. They suggested I called their 1-800 number and I did. Whoever I talked to said that the device was not tested on animals but the skincare product ingredients were... So Dermaflash is not cruelty free.

Animal Testing Statement:
DERMAFLASH does not conduct testing for any purposes other than worker, environment or consumer safety. DERMAFLASH Regulatory Affairs, in accordance with guidance from the US FDA, OSHA, EU and other international regulatory agencies only perform approved alternatives to animal tests. DERMAFLASH does not conduct or contract animal testing on finished products.

Device Experience:
After testing the Dermaflash, I have to say it worked well. It forces you to be gentle which is good. It's not super sharp and doesn't cut the hair too close to my face. I can get a much closer shave with my Ebay Tinkle though. With the Dermaflash, I feel more stubble. The good thing about that is it's less likely to give you acne, though neither have for me anyways. The Dermaflash was no faster than my usual face shaving method. It does take time to set it up and learn how to safely use it and charge it. Dermaflash tells you to not reuse a blade more than once. You can manage to get maybe 2 to 3 shaves on different occasions out of one razor but once the battery runs out, that's it, you are forced to remove the blade so you can charge it.. It's actually designed amazingly. I personally would like to shave my face twice a month, so using a new blade twice a month is not economical for me.

Cleanse & Smooth Step:
Ironically the cleanser and moisturizer are nothing special. If Dermaflash is considered to not be cruelty free because of those two items, what are you doing!? How many good cruelty free cleansers and moisturizers are out there?

If you were to use this device for a year, shaving your face once a month, it would cost you about $286 CAD or $229 USD (when purchased at Sephora). If you were to use a new fake ebay Tinkle razor once a month for a year, it would cost about $5. I personally reuse a a single razor a few times so for me it would be $3.

Buy or Pass?
I like the effect but not enough to invest money in it. It's essentially, an expensive vibrating tinkle razor. Dermaflash says that the difference between their device and a Tinkle razor is the Dermaflash is a dermaplanning device. In that case, so is a Tinkle single razor because those make my face feel like a baby's butt.

Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
Dermaflash vs compared to tinkle single blade face shaving how to shave face
This Tinkle is really old (used 8-10 times) I really don't see or feel a huge difference between the blades.
*pr sample

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