COLAB Dry Shampoo Review

June 05, 2017

My previous stop in finding the perfect (for me) cruelty free dry shampoo was with Batiste. I wasn't really a fan. I hated the scent and it made my head feel itchy. Also, they weren't really cruelty free.

I didn't realize Colab existed until I saw it advertised by, an online beauty store. They actually sent these travel sizes for me to try out. The travel size is only $1.99 on their site so I highly recommend you pick one up there first to try before committing to the full size. The full size is about $10 CAD. There are 11 cans to choose from. I've tried two formulas, extreme volume and invisible. The ingredients vary slightly. The extreme volume version has a few more added ingredients including talc and silica.

Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo | Toyko

This has an oriental scent. It smells a like a sweet candy and dusty like so many aerosol dry shampoos (probably from the talc and silica this one contains). There is a white cast that brushes out very well. It does a great job at masking oil. But like Batiste, I can't stand the chalky smell. I can't use this one.

Invisible Dry Shampoo | New York

This one smells a little fruity. It gives me Victoria Secret body spray vibes. I like the smell actually! I recommend this one over the previous. It works very well and doesn't smell dusty. Once again, the white cast brushes out. BUT, this one gives a stiffer, slightly crunchy feel to my hair which makes it a little harder to comb. Some people might not like this but I don't mind it. No one is running their hands through my hair. It would be great for teezing hair actually, especially if you've got that straight, slippery hair. 7.5/10 satisfaction.

Overall, I would say Collab is definitely a step above the Batiste dry shampoo. I'm still not 100% happy. I would prefer my dry shampoo to be scentless but i'll be buying these again as they're one of the cheapest and more effective out there. I recommend the 'Invisible' version they offer.

You can buy Collab Dry Shampoo at  and Shopper Drugmart.

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