Teeez Cosmetics Review | Eyeshadow Quad, Lipstick & Eyeliner

April 07, 2017

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I was so excited to try these Teeez products. I liked Teeez Cosmetics before I even tried the products. Teeez originated from the best country ever - The Netherlands. The products come in super cute packaing. And most importantly, it's also one of the only cruelty free cosmetic companies to have it's own counter at Hudson's Bay. That's so exciting to me because before them, there were only companies like Clinque, Estee Lauder and Clarins to buy from. I've actually turned down jobs at these counters because I didn't want to push selling their products but I would happily work at the Teeez counter.


 eyeshadow quad equinox look eye teeez cosmetics halo eye black and white
Made in Italy. Paraben free. Cruelty Free. 6 g total. 1.5 g in each pan. $42 USD/$48 CAD

teeez cosmetics to die for eyeshadow quad palette swatches shades equinox
teeez cosmetics eyeshadow qaud equinox swatch swatches review
Applied on a light toned primer. Natural lighting.
This palette was a near hit for me. Three of the shadows are super pigmented but one of them was a complete fail. When I first swatched the palette, each shadow felt a little hard. After I swirled my finger in the pan quite a bit, the pigment started to loosen and I got some impressive swatches.

Shade 1: This is a subtle metallic lavender shade. It's one of the worst eyeshadows i've ever used. There is no pigment to this which is a bummer because it's really a gorgeous shade. I did a ton of swatches to get the colour to show up. Don't buy this palette for this shade.

Shade 2: This matte white is great. It's so buildable. You can get sheer or really opaque coverage. I really like it and have been using it on my inner corner everyday lately.

Shade 3: This is a nice gunmetal colour. It has fine shimmer in the pan but on the eye, it mostly looks matte. It's a great shade to transition into the matte black shade in the palette.

Shade 4: An amazing matte black! It's super pigmented and very dark. Love it.

Final Thoughts: This palette is hard to completely recommend because there is one dud shade which is a little unacceptable for a more expensive palette. If you push that aside, all the other eyeshadows are amazing and you get a fair bit of product in each pan! I do love this palette, I just wish that purple shade was better.


teeez cosmetics lipstick purple material girl vogue purple equinox swatch swatches review
teeez cosmetics lipstick purple material girl vogue purple swatch swatches review gradient lips purple red matt matt matt essence
Made in Italy. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. 5g total. $26 USD/$29 CAD.

teeez cosmetics material girl lipstick swatches purple vogue

Is it just me, or is this lipstick making a lot of Madonna references? Anyways. I love this lipstick! It's literally the colour of an eggplant. It's very moisturizing, creamy, pigmented and smells like vanilla. Because this lipstick is so emollient, it can be a little...patchy? It's hard to explain but I need to make sure I apply an even coating. It's something no one but you would notice.

Final Thoughts: I'm so into this lipstick. I would prefer it to be matte because I a dark matte lipsticks, but that's just me. If you love a moisturizing lipstick, this will be your friend. I recommend it.


teeez cosmetics review swatch swatched iron radiance cloud nine eyeliner paraben free cruelty free metallic
teeez cosmetics cloud nine eyeliner swatch iron radiance eyeshadow quad equinox look eye
Made in EU. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Water-based. 4.0 ml/0.13 fl.oz. $23 USD/$24 CAD.

These are some beautiful, unique colours! I can't think of any other brand that has some of these metallic eyeliner shades. Those greens would definitely make a beautiful accent liner. I'm not a fan of the shade I have because I don't like a dark-toned metallic eyeliner because it's not a super noticeable accent when it does'n't catch the light. It's still gorgeous. Did you noticed that I mentioned above that this a water-based eyeliner? That means that this won't be waterproof. It does stay put on my eye very well though. I find this eyeliner feels a little dry on the eyes - almost like a hard layer. I can feel that i'm wearing it, especially if I squint my eyes. It slightly bugs me but the formula might be necessary for it to stay put like it does.

Final Thoughts: I've encountered no issues other than the hard feeling finish, so this get's a yes from me. If you have textured eyelids, you might want to pass on these because they really accentuate texture since they are metallic and dry to a hard layer. If a waterproof eyeliner is important to you, these aren't a great choice.

You can find these product on the Teeez Cosmetic website as well as the Hudson's Bay website and in store.
*Press sample provided for review.

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