Mychelle Perfect C PRO Serum 25% REVIEW

April 04, 2017

Mychelle Perfect C PRO Serum 25% REVIEW

The Perfect C PRO Serum 25% is a welcomed addition to the Mychelle Vitamin C serum line. I've tried their Perfect C Serum 17% and I didn't like it because of it's strong alcohol scent. I'm happy to say this new serum is much better.

Mychelle Perfect C PRO Serum 25% REVIEW

Every vitamin C serum from Mychelle is not clear in colour but range from yellow to orange to umber. It's my understanding that if a serum is not clear, it has oxidized. Mychelle claims that that is not the case with their vitmain C serums. The Perfect C PRO Serum 25% has a umber colour. The bottle says that the product colour will darken over time. Most colours i've seen in other people's bottle are the same as mine. I'm not sure if my product will darken more over time, but if it becomes black, I certainly won't be using it.

The texture of this serum is sticky. It eventually dries so that it isn't tacky and feels little like a mask tightening mask is on your face. It looks a little shiny and there will be a slight orange look to your skin, so it's especially best to use this at night. Sometimes it dries like a hard white powder, especially if I add too much. That's probably vitamin c in power form or the sodium bicarbonate. This would't wear very well under makeup. When I apply a cream or oil on top, the serum will ball up so I like to let the serum sit on my face for for 30 minutes to an hour to let the benefits soak into my skin before I apply my moisturizer. Or i'll just wipe it off with a warm towel so I don't have to deal with the balled off product.

I'm happy to say this serum does not sting. The vitamin C concentration is much welcomes by me - the higher the better. With other serums, I get some stinging sensations, possibly from the alcohol. I get none of that, not even the strong alcohol scent. Instead it smells like fermented fruit. If your read the ingredients, you'll notice alcohol is towards the bottom of the ingredient list.

I like this serum a lot. It's 'texture problems' don't bother me much. I much prefer to have a serum like this one, that isn't too alcohol based. My PIH does look a little lighter since I started using this serum, about 1.5 months ago. Overall, I recommend.

You can buy this serum for $65 CND and $52 US. It's available in-store and at and the Mychelle website.

*Press sample provided for review.

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