Kaia Naturals | The Takesumi Detox Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant Review

April 14, 2017

Kaia Naturals | The Takesumi Detox Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant Review
99% Natural | Aluminum Free | Cruelty Free | Made in Canada | 65g/2.29oz | $21 CAD
Guys, this is the probably the best deodorant ever. I'm not a fan of conventional deodorants as they're not healthy and I find natural ones are often smelly, wet and sticky feeling. This deodorant is amazing in every way though. The scent is an extremely subtle rose smell and the finish is dry feeling and translucent. I've found it really does prevent smells completely on me and keeps me feeling dry. Sometimes i'll add it on sweat and it seems to mask the smell.

Kaia Naturals | The Takesumi Detox Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant Review

How It Works

30 Day Challenge
The activated charcoal helps to pull any built-up toxins and bacteria from pores, leaving your sweat 'cleaner'. Remember that it's bacteria growth that makes sweat smell. After 30 days, you should smell cleaner.

I've never been a heavy sweater. The only time I really sweat under my underarms is in the heat or if i'm nervous. Some days I skip deodorant because I literally just don't need it (at home i'll just take a shower). I haven't been monitoring my smell often during this challenge because it's hard for me to notice but I can say after using this deodorant for about a month, I feel my underarm smells less like my usual underarm. No joke. If i've been sweating under my underarms, it smells a little like curry to me (lol, tmi?). I barely can detect that now, about a month after I started using this.

Final Thoughts
This deodorant in it's full size is definitely more expensive but it's totally worth it. It's healthier and works. I'm actually going to buy this once I use this one up. I'm thinking the lime mint flavour. Highly recommend!!!

You can find this on the kaia naturals website and through their store locator. Hudsons Bay now sells kaia naturals too.
*Press sample provided for review.

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  1. I also tried it and it worked very well.
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