Vichy Purete Thermale Line Review (Not Cruelty Free)

March 13, 2017

I've never tried Vichy skincare so was very eager to after seeing the products in store and on social media. For this review, i'm going to have a guest give their opinion as well - my mom. She was really curious about the products too so I figured why not hear her thoughts as well. As a reference, she's over 50 and has oily skin and i'm in my early twenties and have normal to dry skin.

$18.95 C - 200 mL

I like this cleanser. but I don't love it. It cleans my face very effectively. That being said, it's still too drying for my skin so I can't leave it on too long. I need to rinse it off immediately or else my skin will feel tight. This cleanser's lather-inducing ingredients create huge bubbles. Very foamy or bubbly cleansers strip skin oil very effectively so this cleanser would be ideal for oily skinned people. There is a slight scent to it which is something I usually never care for. It's pretty mild so I won't let it affect my opinion on the cleanser but I wish it wasn't added. My mom likes this cleanser because she feels it really cleans her oily skin well and leaves it feeling smooth and not overly dry.

$19.95 C - 75 mL

This is a creamy scrub that will give you very mild exfoliation. I noticed there are a lot of basic moisturizing ingredients added that were a little underwhelming but it did moisturize, soften and stimulate my skin so I like to use it. There are some larger hard scrubbing beads in it that I feel really stimulate my skin without irritating it. I like the feel of them but my mom thinks there are not enough scrubbing beads. She wants more 'scrubbage' power. I agree that it would be ideal if the beads were smaller and there were more of them. This is probably a product most people could do without in their skincare regime but is a nice extra step.

$19.95 C - 150 mL

Unfortunately, both my mom and myself didn't like this eye makeup remover one bit. It's so gentle that it barely dissolves eye makeup which means you really have to tug and rub your delicate eyes. It's not even worth the work. We both agree that this would only take off cheap, non-waterproof makeup or eye shadow applied to an unprimed eye. Our other complaint is the artificial fragrance added. I really don't understand why they would add a fragrance to an eye makeup remover. It's just overkill.

Vichy can be found at Shoppers Drugmart and on their website.

*Press sample provided for review.

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