NIP + FAB | FIXES | No Needle Fix Moisturizer & Eye Review

March 15, 2017

Nip and Fab has released two new products, a moisturizer and an eye cream. I was particularly excited about their No Needle Fix Moisturiser simply because of the simple packaging. Somehow I thought it would be a simple product. I ended up not liking it. The No Needle Fix Eye however, is something I did like.

40 mL- $19.95 US - $24.95 C

Osilift R Bio: Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles with an immediate effect
Hysilk: Hydrates, nourishes, smoothes and softens skin. Provides silk-like texture
Biophiclic tm S: This natural oil found in water systems nourishes skin while acting as a 'second skin' restoring and protecting skins barrier
As I inspected the beautiful packaging of this moisturiser, I noticed a few things that concerned me. There were a lot of ingredients I hadn't heard of, fragrance was added and there was a sticker on the back that read 'Caution: Contains Benzophenone-3'. As this was sent to me, I of course felt I still needed to try it to give it a fair shot. I applied a lot of it all over my face. The scent was overwhelming - sort of like sunscreen and something else that was unpleasant. The cream felt fine but the smell was so overwhelming that I had to wash it off right away.

So what is Benzophenone-3, the fourth most concentrated ingredient in this moisturizer? It's a sunscreen-type ingredient that scored an 8 on If you clicked the link, you'll see there are a few concerns with that ingredient. Unfortunately, this just isn't a product i'd recommend from Nip + Fab.

15mL - $14.95 US - $19.95 C

This powerful 3-in-1 formula eye cream works to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and expression lines around the eye area. Ideal for those looking to achieve brighter, younger-looking eyes.
 Red Algae: Helps reduce appearance of dark circles

Tetra Peptide-5: Reduces under-eye puffiness  
I do like this eye cream. There are no ingredients that really concern me. Like always, it contains a bit of fragrance - which is something I don't like in skincare or products that go near my eyes - but it was very subtle. This is product is intended to make your undereye skin look younger. The product comes out as a thick gel. It definitely has a cooling sensation under my eyes until it dries. It also makes the skin feel tighter but not dry. It leaves a slight tack. I think if you have fine lines, this could make them look slightly less apparent temporarily. As for overtime, I can't say how it works on fine lines.

Nip and Fab  is cruelty free. These products are paraben free. They can be found on their website, and in store at Shoppers Drugmart as well as other stores across Europe and America.

*Press sample provided for review.

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