Mychelle Review of 4 Sun Protection Products

March 08, 2017

Mychelle sun protection sunscreen review spf 50 spf 30 spf 17 spf 28

With spring quickly approaching, it won't be long before we're out in the sun enjoying the weather. I usually cover up and stay out of the sun but it's about time I started wearing sunscreen. It's highly recommended that you wear sunscreen as uv rays damage skin and cause skin aging. It's especially a good idea to wear sunscreen if you're skin is vulnerable and sensitive from use of retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, various acids and so on. There are even drugs and chemicals out there that can make your skin photosensitive. Sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium dioxide can prevent photosensitivity and skin aging from skin damage.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer claims in his book 'Younger' that a higher SPF is not better than a lower number. He explains that SPF 15 blocks 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 45 blocks 98%. So sunscreens with higher SPF only block slightly more UVB rays. Instead, focus more on frequent applications and applying an even, generous amount. Sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours.

Mychelle has a fairly large line of sunscreens available on their website currently. Murale and in Canada will be releasing these products this March, any day now. 


So, I need to address the elephant in the room first...nano-particles. You might notice these sunscreens contain a trademarked ingredient called ZinClear. This active ingredient is a non-whitening zinc oxide which means it looks transparent on the skin instead of that white cast some sunscreens give. It's technically a nano-particle. Over the years, there have been concerns raised on nano-particles and whether they are so small that they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. These concerns have been debunked. Here's a little bit of information from EWG, a credible website.

You also might notice that these products have a label saying 'Reef Safe' on the package. This means that Mychelle doesn't use ingredients that are dangerous for the delicate coral reefs.


mychelle replenishing solar defense spf 30 review murale beautyboutique
Anti-Aging  -  Minimal Scent  -  Hydrates  -  Nourishes
Zinc Oxide (ZinClear tm) 13.5%

Out of all the Mychelle sunscreens i've tried, this is my top recommendation. It spreads perfectly, wears very well under makeup and overall feels the best on my face. It's a thicker cream that easily coats the skin and dries very, very clear. It does have a scent but it's so incredibly faint that it's almost undetectable. This is an anti-aging SPF, which I think is a great idea. Red Algae, Kukui and Macadamia Nut oils are added to restore moisture balance and reduce visible lines. Red Algae is supposedly an acne causing ingredient, but i've had no breakouts and haven't read any other reviews complaining of breakouts. There's no Titanium Dioxide in this SPF, which can be a good think for people with sensitivities. I love how this stuff feels on my face - truly hydrating but not heavy. I really recommend this one.

$20.00 US at
C $35 instore at Murale and online at sometime in March, 2017


mychelle sun shield clear stick spf 50 review murale beautyboutique
Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
Zinc Oxide 17%

This water resistant sunscreen is extremely emollient and thick feeling on the skin and will leave that heavy feel for a while. It's not ideal under makeup as it's very emollient. I find it does leave a white cast on my skin even though it claims to dry clear. It smells faintly of coconut or vanilla - literally good enough to eat. I personally would skip on getting this one because I find SPF 50 unnecessarily high. Also the price per mL is a little high and the formula is too heavy for my skin. Beeswax is a main ingredient, which I think has caused me acne before. If you have extremely dry skin, don't break out easily and need serious protection, this one might be good for you. But i'd recommend this one the least.
$12 USD at
C $16.50 instore at Murale and online at this March 2017 (this month)


mychelle daily defense cream spf 17 review murale beautyboutique
Repairs  -  Nourishes
Zinc Oxide (ZinClear 7%

This one fell flat for me because it doesn't spread on skin like it should. Have you ever tried a cream, that when you rub it into your skin, it sort of glides all over and groups together rather than evenly spreading and sinking in? This is one of those. Some people refer to this issue as skid marks. The formula feels more watery in texture than the other sunscreens I mention. It does dry down to a clear finish fairly quickly and feels fine on the skin and under makeup, but it would be ideal to have an even coating of sun protection rather than a patchy one. I'd pass on this one because of the texture.

$16 USD at
C $32 instore at Murale and online at this March 2017 (this month)


mychelle sun shield unscented spf 28 coconut review murale beautyboutique
Scentless  -  Antioxidant-rich  -  Reduced photo-aging
Zinc Oxide (ZinClear tm) 11.6%    Titanium Dioxide 0.67%

I love this one. It's very similar to their Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30. It's a thicker cream that easily coats the skin and dries clear. I find this wears very well under makeup. It's completely scentless, which is great. There is a coconut scented version which I bet smells heavenly. Mychelle really knows how to make their products smell good. I really like this one! It's my second favourite sunscreen now.
$20.00 US at
C $26 instore at Murale and online at sometime in March, 2017

I'll probably end up purchasing the Sun Shield SPF 28, as it's the second cheapest in Canada and my second favourite. Price aside, the Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 is the winner.

*Press sample provided for review.

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