Glo Minerals - After Glow Kit Review

March 06, 2017

Glo Minerals just released 3 spring makeup kits that each come with an eyeshadow palette, cream blush, cream eyeshadow stick and a lip product. I choose the After Glow kit mainly because the quad was full of colours I love. This kit is $80 CAD on ther Glo Minerals website. That is expensive but i'm really impressed with the performance of every product. Also, the price feels more justified because Glo Minerals is more 'health conscious' of the quality and safety of ingredients in their products. There is one thing from the kit I don't like, but it's related to the colour of it.

The above image is in natural light and below is under direct sunlight. In order from left to right: Cream Blush in Firstlove, Lipstick in Glace, Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Gold Blush and After Glow Quad shades Penny, Dove, Dolce and Glimmer.

glo minerals after glow spring 2017 kit review swatches

Below is a look using everything from the kit except the lipstick and shadow stick. I stuck with the spring theme, using the purple-toned grey eyeshadow from the eyeshadow palette and the cream blush applied on my cheeks and nose for that cute glowing look. The eyeshadow shade Glimmer was also used to highlight my cheeks.

glo minerals after glow spring 2017 kit review swatches look


glo minerals after glow spring 2017 kit review swatches eyeshadow qaud palette living color collection

I love this palette! The colours are stunning and high quality.

The shade Penny is buttery and super pigmented and can almost be classified as a foiled eyeshadow. Applied wet it's a stunning metallic. It's very similar in texture and wear as the shade Muse and NYC in ABH Master Palette. The shade is difficult to describe but Glo Minerals describes it as a deep copper metallic. It has a strong pink-purple-brown undertone in my opinion.

The shade Dove is my favourite colour in the kit. It's drier and not super pigmented but easily layers to be opaque. I would describe it as a grey with a dusty mauve undertone.

Dolce is an amazing staple shade. It's on par with the texture or feel of Makeup Geek's Desert Sand eyeshadow. It's pigmented without being too pigmented. It's would describe it as a medim brown with an orange orange undertone and demi-matte finish. I love it.

Lastly is the shade Glimmer. It's the worst performing eyeshadow of the bunch but can be layered and applied wet to reveal it's true potential. It's an AMAZING face highlighter! It's actually my favourite face highlighter now. It's mainly shimmer rather than a pigment-shadow so won't look chalky and strange on your face. It looks like an intense sheen on my face. It's not like a crazy shimmer highlight. I would describe it as a fine white gold shimmer. Glo Minerals describes it more gracefully, a soft gold champagne.

My first 2 eye looks are very simple and wearable. Above is a look I created with the shades Dove and Dolce. Below is a look using Penny, Dolce and Glimmer. I think it's fairly easy to see what shade is place where. 

Below is Glimmer on my cheeks in natural light. Are you seeing that magic?

glo minerals after glow kit eyeshadow swatch glimmer highlight review 2017


glo minerals firstlove first love cream blush swatch review

This is an amazing cream blush! Firslove is matte, deep berry colour. It gives an incredibly natural looking blush on my fair skin. It's so pigmented and not one of those silicone type cream blushes (which I hate). I think the application method is very important with this product. I only apply it with the lowest, plush part of my thumb (where it becomes your palm). I rub the cream together between that area so it sheers out, and then I press it onto my cheeks. I'm not sure where I learned this technique but it's the only one I use. You can use a beauty blender as well.

glo minerals firstlove first love cream blush swatch review


glo minerals cream stay shadow stick gold blush swatch review

This cream eyeshadow is great because it stays put! It's so hard to remove. It's completely waterproof. I think it's great, but I don't like that shade in the kit. It's a soft pink with a gold duochrome. Pretty but just not for me. I gave it to my mom who has a whole collection of pale pink eyeshadow with a gold reflect -  she loves it. She's ditched all those eyeshadow in opt for this one because it stays put on her oily, hooded lids. Update: I found the built in sharpener on the bottom of it!

glo minerals cream stay shadow stick gold blush swatch review


glo minerals glominerals lipstick glace swatch review

Lastly is the lipstick glaze. It's a pigmented rose nude. It's pretty in a swatch but not for me either. It's the same shade as my lips but has a gold shimmer flecks in it and a light metallic sheen. With a heavy layer applied, you won't notice the shimmer, but when you go to remove the lipstick, your lips are covered in a large shimmer flecks. I'm a matte girl all the way. Once again, I gave it to my mom who kind of likes it.

glo minerals glominerals lipstick glace swatch review

So do you like the look of this kit? Have you ever tried Glo Minerals before? This is my first time using their products. I definitely like them!

*Press sample provided for review.

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