Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatch & Review

February 01, 2017

Makeup geek haul review eye arm swatches preppy mocha desert sands vintage canadian canada international sale
I've never tried Makeup Geek until now. I'm aware this is unusual for a beauty blogger/makeup artist seeing as they are an incredibly popular brand in the community. I've been heavily following Makeup Geek for years. If you held up a random eyeshadow, I could tell you what is was even though I didn't own any. It was only a matter of time for me to cave in and discover what the fuss was about. I decided to buy some staple shades.

Everyone loves these eyeshadows. It turns out, I love them too! When I first swatched them, they felt more powdery than I expected. I was weary for a second but these turned out to be controllable, pigmented, blendable and minimal in fallout. They give me a flawless blend everytime. I feel like my eyeshadow game has stepped up because of these.

These shadows are paraben free, talc free and cruelty free! That gets a thumbs up from me.

These are definitely affordable single eyeshadows for Americans. I'm in Canada and bought off the Makeup Geek site and paid $4.80 USD each. Accounting for conversions and shipping, my 4 makeup eyeshadows would have normally cost me about $9.30 CAD each. Note that shipping is dependent on how much you buy. I also don't recall having tax added.

Overall, I think these are super high quality eyeshadows. I absolutely recommend you get some staple shades from her rather than buying a makeup palette where you'll be essentially paying for some crummy shades or shades you never wear. I just love single eyeshadow pans...

Ingredients are listed on their website. You can buy these shades for $6 USD on the Makeup Geek website.

Makeup geek haul review eye arm swatches preppy mocha desert sands vintage canadian canada international sale


Makeup Geek MUG eyeshadow swatch vintage desert sands preppy mocha fluores

Vintage is medium-dusty-mauve purple with a brown undertone. As most of us know, purple eyeshadows are so often unpigmented and patchy. This purple was a pleasant surprise. It does need the most work out of all my MUG shadows to show up as intensely as I like, but easily builds to full opacity. This is a stunning muted purple and a must have for brown eyed folks.

Vintage Eye Swatch eyeshadow Makeup Geek MUG Swatches

Desert Sands is a camel brown with a yellow-orange undertone. It looks more yellow in the pan but comes off more of an orange undertone when applied. It's such a grunge 90s colour. On my pale skin, it definitely makes a statement as it's bright. I've been using it as a transition shade for almost every smokey eye look. I adore it and think everyone can pull this shade off.

Desert Sands Eye Swatch eyeshadow Makeup Geek MUG Swatches

Preppy is a medium khaki-beige colour. This is often compared to Desert Sands because it's kind of similar. It has s slight yellow undertone in the pan, but is a totally different undertone than Desert Sands when swatched. It's very wearable and probably the safer option if you're struggling in choosing between this and Desert Sands. But they're different enough to get both. For my pale skin, it's used as a transition shade. 

preppy Eye Swatch eyeshadow Makeup Geek MUG Swatches

Mocha is a medium chocolate brown with a warm undertone. It comes off deeper in swatches, especially on an eye primer. It's one of those shadows that can be applied sheerly or built up. It's sooo blendable. It's a staple shade that you should get. Mochaaaaa.

mocha Eye Swatch eyeshadow Makeup Geek MUG Swatches

Some looks with these eyeshadows:

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