Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Shadow Primer Review

February 09, 2017

Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Shadow Primer Review
If you're looking for an affordable eyeshadow primer, this is just the one for you. There are a lot of other good drugstore eye primers out there, but this one is paraben free and offers a huge amount of product compared to others. You can find this at Walmart for about $5. I love this eyeshadow primer because it makes my absolute worst eyeshadows pigmented, last all day and water resistant. Even after I washed my arm swatches with Dr.Bronners Castille soap, traces of the eyeshadow that were applied on the primer, remained on my arm. The only downside to this eyeshadow primer is that it's very translucent, so it won't cover veins or discoloration on your eyes. You can use a skin coloured eyeshadow to work around this. I recommend setting this primer with a translucent or coloured powder to make your blend easier and make your eyeshadow application last longer and be crease resistant for oily and/or hooded eyes. Setting an eyeshadow primer will make your shadows less pigmented than if your didn't set it, but it also helps with patchiness that you can get if you don't evenly blend the primer to your eye. Play around with it to see what method you like best. Also, this stuff is a good mixing element for shimmery pigments.
Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Shadow Primer Review SWATCH SWACTHED SWATCHES
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