Saje Review | Worth Buying?

January 06, 2017

Photo from Saje Facebook. Malibu location.
Saje is just the type of store that draws me in. It's rustic and organic looking. I normally can't spend too long in their physical store as all the smells morphing together are enough to give headache-prone-me, a headache.

Ironically, they have an essential oil for headaches!

I'd never bought anything from them as I found some of the products I glanced at to be pricey. I was recently gifted with some of their products, therefore forced to reconsider my stance on them. I could now find out if I was right to pass on buying from them.

The Short Of It

Everything I tried was very nice and high quality. The prices are actually reasonable for what you're getting. I really think i'll have to buy their bath salts once I use them up. Also, I had no idea Saje was Canadian. 'Why didn't ya say so!'

The bath salts weren't just epsom salt with a fake lavender scent, but actually added essential oils that were SO relaxing in the bath. It's a product aimed to relax, and it actually did that. As a very anxious person, it's great when you find something relaxing. I never want to leave my lavender scented bath when I use this. I love this stuff and highly, highly recommend it. Who doesn't like feeling pampered and relaxed?


The soap is a good size (100g) and $6 isn't an absurd price for a natural soap of it's size. It's pretty on par with other natural soap prices i've seen. This soap can be used on your face which gets major points from me. It smells nice and cleans. 


I'm critical of the effectiveness of this product, but at the same time, I really like having it around. It's an essential oil that is suppost to get rid of your headache. Is there science behind this? I don't know. As a person who always has a headache, I was excited to try this. I can't say it worsened or improved my headache. But I really enjoy smelling it. You're suppost to roll it on yourself but I don't. I don't want to walk around smelling like a peppermint candy cane. Mine is very tiny so I can carry it around, smelling it like a weirdo. It's a little addicting and I make others around me smell it too. It cools your throat when you smell it which I think would be nice if you're sick. 'Smell it'.

People swear by this as an anti-mosquito product as well. I really could see that working!


Overall, i'm happy with everything. Everything they sell feels like a treat for yourself or for who you buy it for. What do you recommend from Saje?


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