Nevermind Cosmetics review

January 20, 2017

nevermind lipstick

NEVERMIND Cosmetics is a very new company created by two business partners (and cousins) , Vanessa and Meri. The brand follows what I would call, '90s teen' themed. You'll notice lipstick names like 'Whatever', 'I Can't Even' and 'Literally'. Five-year-old me would be so swayed by this theme. Kid-me, loved the colour pink and actually wore those plastic chokers that they include with your purchase as a little gift.

Wearing 'Whatever'
I looked up some swatch videos and was amazed at the high pigmentation and interesting matte colours they had. The shaded 'Space Cadet' and 'GRL Talk' look beautiful. Their specialty, as of now, are their velvet mattes lipsticks which are super bright and pigmented. I was kindly sent the shades 'Nevermind' and 'Pay My Bills'. The lipstick boxes they came in were beautiful. I feel the plastic tube that contains the lipstick doesn't reflect the performance of the lipstick. The container is the same plastic and feel as the Wet n Wild Pro Longwear Lipstick. So not as luxurious as one might want for a mid-ranged priced lipstick but I can look past that. I mean 'whatever'. These lipsticks are made in Merica, cruelty free and contain no parabens. The cost $13-15 US (without sales) for 4g/0.14 oz. That's quite a bit of product.

That brown!!!

Nevermind is such a 90s brown lipstick shade. It's a beige brown with a strong orange undertone. It's a very comfortable matte that has a glossy sheen that becomes more matte through the day. You can easily set it with a translucent setting powder to get a super matte finish. With one or two swipes on my arm, I was blown away at the full pigmentation. It covers my dark lips so easily. I also like the hardness of their lipsticks. It's hard enough to maintain it's shape when applying, making it really easy to get a sharp, clean edge on the border of your lips. The formula feels the slightest bit grainy, but it doesn't bother me at all. This shade is a favourite of Ylette, Kathleen Lights sister. I recommend!

Pay My Bills is a bright peach-coral colour with a shimmery gold reflect. It's basically a duo chrome. They have only two matte on ice lipsticks in stock. The formula physically feels the same as their matte shade I tried, but I found it this one a little lacking. It needed a lot more swipes to give full opacity. I would like if it was more of a blinging 'pow'. The colour was not for me but my mom loves it, so I gave it to her. She feels it makes her lips look bigger and complements her blue eyes. It looked really great on her.

Right: 5 swatch passes. Left: 1 swatch.
The cutest box

Overall, i'm impressed with the velvet matte lipsticks. They're pigmented and bright.

*pr sample. My opinions are always honest, never forcefully positive. I promise.

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